Trendy Haircuts for 2021

Nothing beats the power of a fresh haircut to rejuvenate your appearance instantly, and 2021 offers no shortage of stylish cuts that will do just that! From transformative New Year’s cuts to updating your look altogether, 2021 boasts many exciting hairstyles for every taste and need.

Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut has quickly become one of the trendiest hairstyles of 2021, particularly on social media (especially TikTok). Inspired by its namesake animal and featuring heavy layers that resemble its fur, this unisex style boasts widespread recognition on TikTok.

Depending on your taste, this style can be worn with or without bangs. However, side-swept or curtain bangs enhance their look as they help balance out face shapes more effectively, making them suitable for square or rectangular facial structures.

This androgynous haircut is the ideal way to achieve a more feminine aesthetic. Additionally, it’s great for curly locks as it adds texture and volume – remembering sea salt spray or texturizing product will help keep the style looking its best – although for an added layer of texture, a wavy variation also works perfectly well!

Modern Rachel

If you love Friends and are searching for an eye-catching hairstyle to try this year, consider the Modern Rachel haircut. Inspired by Jennifer Anniston’s groundbreaking ’90s trend craze when she unveiled it in 1995, this trendy cut can create an eye-catching style suitable for any hair texture and will turn heads this season!

The Modern Rachel boasts a shaggier, blended appearance than her predecessor. She can be styled with various face-framing bangs or highlighted with money streaks to emphasize round layers for an eye-catching and unforgettable look.

Due to a renewed fascination with everything 90s, it is no surprise that Rachel’s cuts are one of the top trends in 2021. Ideal for adding some personality and vibrancy into their look, dyed with bright hues. Suitable for straight or wavy locks and looks beautiful across facial structures and colors.

Simple Bob

One of the hottest fall hair trends is the classic bob. This timeless length works from office meetings to nights out and is easy to style and perfect for every occasion. To add extra dimension and shine, try adding subtle highlights for added dimension and shine.

Add bangs for an eye-catching and feminine finish by layering on face-framing cracks to a simple bob, while soft waves can give it more casual styling options.

This season has brought with it an abundance of unique bob trends. No matter your personal taste – sleek and blunt or edgy – there is an ideal bob for everyone. To ensure healthy locks all season long, use a heat protectant such as Amika’s The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray before styling. This product will keep your locks hydrated and looking their best all season long!

Bright Colors

One of the hottest trends for 2021 is to add bold and daring colors such as pink or even blue to your locks – these vibrant hues stand out while simultaneously flattering all skin tones, particularly warm complexions.

If you want to experiment with bold shades without risking significant damage from bleach, consider switching up your routine with a semi-permanent dye that deposits color at the roots while protecting strands from damage. Marjan recommends nourishing conditioners such as TRESemme Curl Hydrate to add extra moisture and shine.

Are you searching for a style to revitalize and revive you after summer’s chlorine and saltwater exposure? Try a straight collarbone bob with a side part – this cut offers sleek sophistication while still feeling thoroughly modern, making it the ideal combination with wispy face-framing bangs and short or medium-length locks. This haircut works equally well on women with straight or wavy locks and across any length range.