Tips on How to Choose Blue Hair Anime Girl Hairstyles

If you’re an anime fan, you may want to check out blue haired anime girls. There are several to choose from, including Ami Kawashima, Akiko Ishiguro, Ryoko Fujimoto, and Nagahide Niwa. Besides having long blue locks, these characters also have red eyes and a voluptuous figure.

Ami Kawashima

The anime series Medaka Box features a blue-Haired young lady with long, straight hair. Despite her pretty appearance, Ami Kawashima has a princess complex, which makes her very arrogant and vain. She is so self-absorbed that she even uses foul language when she doesn’t want to impress people. This dual personality leads to a number of tragic-comical situations.

In the series, Ami is often depicted wearing a school uniform, but she wears less revealing clothes and sunglasses on some occasions. At first, Ami seems affable, kind, and generous, but her true nature is arrogance and she tries to cover it up. This is revealed when Ami confronts Taiga and Minori on a sled.

The anime series is a fun way to discover the world of anime and manga characters. The blue Haired girl is the heir to the Capsule Corporation empire, and her foster mother is a genius who invented dragon radar and a time machine. Her blue hair symbolizes her free spirit. She is a resourceful young woman, but she is also incredibly kind and caring towards her family.

The anime series has made Ami a very popular character. She is one of the most attractive blue Haired girls. She has a loud mouth and often speaks in the least respectable ways, but she has a soft side as well. She cares for her rival girls and is very protective of Sousuke.


Akiko is a cute and talented blue haired anime girl. She has long braided hair and sparkling blue eyes. She is also very caring and selfless. She considers herself to be a great cook, and loves to make special jams. She is also a loving mother who lost her father when she was young.

Akiko is the mother of Nayuki Minase and aunt to Yuichi Aizawa. She has blue Hair that is tinged purple and is usually tied up in a long braid. She is slightly taller than Nayuki and usually wears a light pink cardigan over a white long sleeved shirt.

Her name means autumn. Her birthdate is October. Her calm demeanor and blue hair have been a popular source of inspiration for many anime characters. She is also a popular idol in Japan. She has won several awards in different contests, so it’s no surprise that her anime fans love her.

The arc between Nayuki and Akiko also relies on Akiko’s getting hit by a car, and Nayuki’s depressive episode, which is anticlimactic and rather short. The storyline also involves Yuuichi having to help his friend Nayuki in her depression.

Another anime character with blue Hair is Sayaka Miki, the main Magical Girl in Naruto. The anime series is centered around her, and she has blue hair. She is a very sweet and considerate person. She protects her friends and family and plays a major role in the battles.


Ryoko is a blue haired anime girl who lives in the town of Otonashi. She is the daughter of a wealthy family and is an excellent martial artist. After Ryoko gets injured in a major battle, she falls in love with the cabbit Tenchi, who stayed by her side as she suffered from an illness. As her love for Tenchi grows, she begins to use her powers for the good of her family and the town.

The anime series also features other blue haired anime girls. The most famous of these is Shido from ‘Sailor Moon’. This anime character is also a hand puppet, with a pink ribbon around her neck. She wears a short white dress and a green raincoat with rabbit ears.

She has blue Hair and is a space pirate. She is very powerful and is a combination of a human and a Masu creature. She pursues her friend Tenchi Masaki aggressively and becomes overly emotional when she is around him. She is also a great friend. However, despite being the main character in the anime series, Ryoko is still quite different from the other anime girls in many ways. She is much more violent than her other counterparts, and she screams more when things blow around her.

The relationship between Ryoko and Washu is complex. At first, she appears to be a critic of Ryoko’s sex appeal, and she asks her to call her “mommy.” Later on, she starts to fear her and acts cautiously whenever she sees her.

Nagahide Niwa

The manga character Nagahide Niwa has blue-colored hair. It’s an apt choice since the blue color is considered a sign of purity. Although she’s rough and masculine, she’s very feminine in nature. She’s known for her fierce loyalty to Nobuna.

Nagahide Niwa is one of the main characters of the Oda Nobuna no Yabou franchise. She is the senior retainer and tactician of the Oda clan. In the anime, she is described as being affable and charming while still being very smart. She also regularly wears an era-fitting garment and wields a naginata into battle.

The character has a large fan base and is one of the most popular characters with blue hair. Her blue hair makes her stand out in crowds and draws a lot of attention. She has a beautiful figure and a bosom. She’s not your average anime character, but her blue hair is a real statement. And she’s not the only anime character with blue hair! She’s one of the most attractive anime girls with blue hair.

Unlike other characters in the series, Nagahide’s blue hair has no definite origin, but it is undoubtedly the source of much satire. The blue hair of Nagahide Niwa makes her stand out in the crowd, as does her personality. Her hair resembles the color of her eyes. She also wears a yellow contact lens on her right eye. Nagahide is a devoted and hardworking person, but can be absentminded.

Shino Shindo

There are a few things to know about Shino Shindo, the anime girl with blue hair. Her personality and perspective are both fantastic. She is also an amazingly courageous character. She once killed a robber when she was very young. If she were to ever go to the real world, Shindo would like to be a policewoman.

Shino Shindo is a minor human character. She is a student of the Day Class in the anime series and Manga. She appears in Noir’s Trap, a novel that is based on the manga series. She has blue hair and wears a red flower clip on her hair. She is very smart and determined, but also humble.

In the anime series, Shindo first appears on Valentine’s Day, when she climbs a wall in Moon Dormitory. However, Zero Kiryu catches her, and she continues to reject her advances. Despite her apparent bloodlust, she still tries to win Zero’s love, giving him chocolates. Eventually, Shindo asks Zero to dance with her at a ball.

Shindo is also a Day Class girl. She saved Zero from the Night Class, and she once asked Zero to dance for her. The name Shindo comes from wisteria and carnation flowers.

Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka is a blue-haired anime girl with an adorable personality. She’s a long-time friend of Ryuuji’s, and she cares deeply for him. But she’s more impatient and belligerent than she lets on. And she’s not as devoted as she seems.

Despite being a pretty blue-haired anime girl with long hair, Taiga has no boyfriend and a broken family. Her blue hair is unruly and her eyes are a dark amber color. Taiga’s family is broken, and her parents don’t give her the love that she needs.

Her blue-haired appearance may be part of her charm. However, she is also flat-chested, which she is ashamed of. She makes up for her lack of cleavage with a menacing glare. Although she wears a school uniform, she also likes to dress up in long dresses.

She’s also a water wizard. She’s part of the Corwen dynasty, which is one of the most powerful dukes in Eastern Yamato. Her blue hair makes her look like an elementary school girl. She wears a black headpiece and an off-white robe. She’s the primary protagonist of Danganronpa, a fairytale-themed anime series. She’s also one of Amagiri’s childhood friends. Her father is a meteorite engineer. He is appointed to create gun-type weapons.

Another blue-haired anime girl is Mikoto. She’s been modeling for a long time. She and Taiga didn’t get along at first, but they became friends in the end. She’s tall, blue-haired, and has red eyelashes. Her long blue hair is tied with a red bow at the bottom. She also has a sexy bosom.