Trendy hair Colors For Girls

Are You Thinking About Coloring Your hair for the First Time or Simply Updating Your Look?

Below are some trendy options sure to add depth and dimension to your style, such as Hailey Bieber’s Riviera Brunette or Khloe Kardashian’s Frosted Sugar Blonde; here are sure-fire trends sure to please.

Warm Blonde

Warmer blonde shades are ideal for girls with light complexions, as their warm tints complement skin tones more naturally. A buttery shade like this can brighten dishwater blonde locks without appearing overly bleached out – an excellent summer option that keeps things light and airy!

To achieve a warm blonde hue, balayage is the best way to achieve it. This trend makes your blonde strands appear naturally sun-kissed while leaving darker roots, as the contrast will keep your look from becoming too monotone.

Ginger Spice

Priyanka Chopra’s toasted ginger shade adds lightness and warmth to her already beautiful face. It is easy to rejuvenate a blonde base – ask your colorist to blend baby lights a few inches from the roots.

If Redhead isn’t quite your cup of tea (even though we love Daenerys Targaryen!), consider opting for a muted copper shade instead. Matt Rez describes this trend as similar to “golden beige with subtle rose reflects, “making it perfect for brunettes with warmer skin tones.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown hair color is ideal for those seeking something subdued yet sophisticated, while still adding depth. This gorgeous shade blends many hues, including blonde, red, and golden tones – making it versatile for ombre effects or other trendy techniques.

Try a caramel or honey-toned chestnut shade for an eye-catching, multidimensional look. The yellow undertones will pop against your skin tone, especially with warm tones like those present with tans. Emma Stone famously favors this hue – you can spot her wearing it from sleek bob to textured lob hair lengths!

Alternatively, opt for rich mahogany hues that create fiery Redhead’s dramatic appearance without all the maintenance hassle.

Mushroom Brown

Mushroom brown is an earthy-neutral hue with cool tones that creates a natural and elegant aesthetic. Mushroom brown is a trending hair color with versatile tones to complement a range of skin tones and complexions, perfect for brunettes looking to update their base color without going too light.

To achieve the look, have your stylist use a balayage technique to paint lighter highlights and lowlights onto your hair, creating gradient effects with lighter ombre colors or using face-framing streaks for contrast and dimension.

Make an impression with mushroom brown roots by opting for either a short pixie cut with mushroom brown roots or a long, layered style with ashy strands; either will surely turn heads! Because this trend requires frequent touchups with your stylist, ensure you keep color-safe shampoo and conditioner on hand so your strands remain hydrated between visits.