How to Select the Best Hair Curler

When choosing the appropriate hair curler, look for models with multiple options. A larger barrel will create loose beach waves, while smaller barrels produce tighter classic curls.

Strategist senior writer Lauren Ro is fond of using this pink curling wand to emulate the look of a digital perm. For maximum protection against heat damage, she advises using a heat-protectant spray before styling.

GHD’s Airwave features professional features like its tourmaline-coated barrel and durable nylon-ball-tipped bristles for optimal results. Though its quoted power may be lower than those of Remington Keratin Protect and BaByliss Diamond competitors, this doesn’t appear to affect performance or drying times when tested. GHD Airwave had the quickest drying time among all the models we tried! Plus,, its sleek, black plastic body is adorned with metallic accents and a slim handle design that feels well balanced – plus, even its filters look refined compared to rival Remington Keratin Protect and Diamond models!

According to over 15,000 five-star reviews, the curler heats quickly, leaving hair smoother and less frizzy than traditional irons.

This expert waver is an easy-to-use hair tool to help you quickly achieve beach waves. Equipped with a 32mm triple barrel, this professional waver creates gorgeous and effortless beach waves in no time – no matter the length or texture of your locks!

This device offers fast heat speed for instantaneous results and adjustable temperature control to create the look that best fits your tresses. Also included is a heat protection glove and mat to create long-lasting and beautiful waves that stay put!

However, an important consideration when purchasing heat-styling tools is their lack of an automatic shut-off feature; therefore, it’s wise to leave it turned on (research shows one out of every 12 women forgets to turn theirs off!).

This no-frills waver offers beachy waves with minimal effort. Plus, it’s negative ions and automatic sleep mode help protect your locks from damage while you create the ideal look!

While several options exist to create classic French new wave and S-shape styles, including TikTok’s favorite mermaid S-shape styles, BaByliss Auto Waver is distinguished as a brilliant tool. It detects your hair texture, adapting the temperature for personalized curls and automatically shutting itself off after use.

Auto Waver is an excellent way to achieve effortless, long-lasting curls quickly and effortlessly. Although its minor flaws may cause inconveniences, its overall design provides easy use and lasting curls.

Instead of only reading your hair’s temperature once during styling, this styler monitors it continuously to achieve salon results. An intelligent microprocessor collects this data and uses it to adjust or predict future readings that ensure your strands always reach an ideal curling temperature.

Your hair will have a smooth, glossy finish rather than being dry and clumpy after using this tool; plus, there’s an automatic memory function, so you can use the same settings every time you use it!

This hair curler tong is an ideal way to add volume to your locks with minimal effort and effort. The unique design enables users to create ringlets or spirals effortlessly. Furthermore, its 360-degree swivel cord prevents tangling.

This women’s hair curler features a 22 mm barrel with 210 mm length to create long-lasting curls with ease and minimal heat damage. Its ceramic coating significantly reduces heat damage, while even heating ensures no hot spots. Easy use makes this an excellent solution for anyone wanting beachy waves or wavy locks!

Makeover your locks with this fashionable hair curler from VEGA and its ceramic coating technology for quick styling results without kinks or knots. Easy and hassle-free use thanks to its clamp design, easy and hassle-free use that secures strands while heating them, and its 360-degree swivel cord that prevents unnecessary tangles.

Temperature settings are an integral component of selecting a curling iron. Thinner strands might benefit from lower settings, while thicker locks do better with higher ones; this ensures that you avoid burning or charring your locks and can help your curls look fresh for longer.