Trending Hairstyles For Girls

Boho-Chic Asymmetrical Long-Layered Bob with Bangs

For girls with a boho-chic style, consider styling them in an asymmetrical long layered bob with bangs. This trendy hairstyle is easy to care for and looks flattering on any face shape.

Mohawk with Dutch Braids

Girls who want an iconic yet feminine look will love the Mohawk hairstyle. Pair it with various hair colors and accessories to draw everyone’s attention. This trendy version features large Dutch braids tied in a faux hawk style.

Natural-hair Pigtails with Braids

If your teen has natural hair, try this adorable style combining pigtails and braids. Create loose, luscious pigtails on either side of her head and leave some strands hanging freely for added effect. You can also add colored braid extensions for a modern twist.

Cornrows with Curls

Cornrows are a flexible style created in various patterns and sizes to match any occasion. Add some curls to the cornrows for a contemporary feel, or incorporate red hair for a vibrant splash of color.

Pixie Cut with Texture

For girls with ultra-short locks, add some texture to their pixie cut for movement and volume. Texturizing the hair works well, especially when paired with asymmetrical bangs. To add drama and dimension, try bright balayage highlights.

Blonde Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

The blonde bob is a playful and effortless style that suits girls of all skin tones. Try a short blonde bob with side-swept bangs for a modern and chic look. This style works best for straight locks but can also be stunning with wavy or curly hair.

Side-Swept Fringe

The side-swept fringe is a feminine and playful way to wear bangs. Brush them to one side or leave them partially behind for an exciting asymmetry effect. This style looks great on shoulder-length hair and works well with thick locks.

Heart Side-Braid

For an effortless yet sultry look, try the braided heart style. This versatile hairstyle suits girls of all ages and flatters all skin tones and hair types. Start with a high ponytail and braid each section separately before connecting them back into a low ponytail. Add beads for a festive touch. Perfect for birthday parties or special events.