Natural Hair Cuts


The frohawk is a mohawk style for those with afro-textured hair. It adds height and volume on top while keeping the sides shorter for an elegant look. It can be customized with designs or lineups for a fun style. It works with any length of afro hair but looks best with a shaded blonde top section and a high taper fade. Ask your barber for an asymmetrical frohawk design if you want to avoid shaving your sides. Use hair gel or edge control products to maintain the shape.

Bowl Cut

A modern bowl cut is a great option for straight hair to add texture. It makes a stylish statement while being low maintenance. Ensure your stylist is aware of current trends, as this cut has been associated with far-right beliefs due to its use by Dylan Roof. Guido Palau styled models at Alexander Wang show with this cut for a 90’s punk vibe.

Pixie Cut

Layered pixie cuts are perfect for thin hair, adding movement and interest. Add texture through salt spraying or tousling to make a short haircut edgy and stylish. Style with a side bang to accentuate your face and define your jawline. This cut works with natural and dramatic hair colors, especially dirty blonde hues.

Side Part

The Side Part adds height and volume to thin or fine hair and enhances facial structure for oval or oblong face shapes. Works well with wavy locks. Combines elements from pompadour and comb-over styles and can be worn with any hair length or texture. Use hair wax for maintenance.


An updo is perfect for hot weather and formal events. It keeps the hair out of the way without using heat-styling tools. Show off thick natural curly locks with a jumbo bun and leave loose tendrils near the ears. Add natural or faux flowers for a feminine touch. Combine tightly braided cornrows in the back with big, voluminous curls in front for an eye-catching style.