Black Girl Toddler Hairstyles

If your toddler’s hair is long enough, try braided ponytails with colorful bows as an easy and protective style option for her kinky locks. This style makes grooming effortless!

If she’s an active student, a half updo is an excellent way to keep hair out of her face and secure it with colorful accessories.

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are an attractive hairstyle for black toddlers that can be accessorized with colorful accessories. Plus, jumbo braids are extremely easy to create: comb through your child’s locks thoroughly and create multiple small ponytails to achieve this style!

Alternatively, try a side braid. A simple side braid can keep her hair away from her face and is an ideal choice for an informal event.

Bantu knots are also an attractive style option. Twist her hair into tiny buns and secure them with colorful bands.

Natural Hair

Black toddlers typically have thick locks that can be hard to manage when active, making it essential to design functional yet stylish hairstyles for them. To this end, creating cute yet straightforward styles that meet both criteria should be your goal.

Braid your little girl’s hair into tiny Bantu knots for an adorable and protective style. Accessorize this look with colorful hair ties to add a splash of color!

This elegant style is ideal for special events. It involves gathering simple cornrow braids into a half ballerina bun that can be accessorized with gold hair cuffs for an additional stylish touch.


Most toddlers can easily maintain a simple ponytail, and pairs well with various hair accessories. Try adding a headband for an extra touch of color and flare!

Try tying her hair into a tight topknot and accessorizing with colorful beads for an engaging black toddler hairstyle that keeps strands away from her face. Medium-length locks work best.

Try a black toddler hairstyle featuring three-twist braids and gold hair ties for an elegant touch. Perfect for special events, this look adds a sense of sophistication.

Braided Ropes

This hairstyle provides an easy and protective style for toddlers with long or short curly locks. Shape their natural coils into cornrows before tying them into a neat topknot with colorful bands.

This adorable look offers an easy, stylish take on classic pigtails without needing any additional products! Perfect for all children of any age.

Check out these zig-zagging braids if you’re in the mood for something more elaborate. Easy to do and visually appealing on toddlers alike, these low-maintenance styles won’t get tangled or pulled out quickly, making them an excellent option for girls with sensitive scalps.

Half Updo

Parenthood can be hectic, making keeping up with toddler hairstyles the last priority on your list. But it is still essential that your little one looks their best on special occasions by having stylish yet cute locks!

Pigtails offer a quick and easy hairstyle solution. It adds flair when worn with an attractive bow accessory.

Space buns make an elegant choice for formal events. This protective style combines thin cornrow braids into half ballerina buns, which can be accessorized with colorful hair beads for a stunning and fashionable look that works for any special event.


One of the top black toddler hairstyles is a frohawk, featuring slicked-back or braided sides and a curly strip running down the middle of her head. This simple yet effortless look works for any black toddler with medium or long locks. Additionally, it looks lovely with headbands or bows added.

For special events like birthday parties, this charming hairstyle is ideal. Tie her hair in a neat topknot, plait twisted small braids starting at the back of her head and moving upwards until they connect with the clean topknot, and finish by accessorizing with a colorful headband or bow for extra flair!