5 Cute Hairstyles For Black Girls

If your daughter loves wearing braids, this adorable hairstyle will be ideal.

Use Freetress water wave hair in her box braids for an extended look, and add colorful hair clips all along her twisted braids for an eye-catching appeal.

Black toddler hairstyles that are easy to style are mohawks.

Add an adorable hair bow for added style!


Cornrows are an iconic hairstyle that toddlers of any age can wear with pride. Not only are they adorable and easy to maintain, but you can easily create this style by simply parting her hair into two sections and braiding them together – adding colorful hair accessories will complete this classic look.

Bubble Band

Another fantastic option that will delight and impress her peers at school. Style her hair into two buns, leaving enough hair around the face area to plait two thin braids.

An innovative Mohawk style

It’s also a fantastic choice for black toddlers. This look looks sultry and is excellent for any special event.

Messy Curls

A messy bun is an adorable and straightforward hairstyle to keep your toddler’s locks out of her eyes and an effective way to emphasize her natural curls and express their personality. This gorgeous hairstyle can be worn with or without a bow and is excellent for special occasions or when she wants to look extra cute.

Twisted Braids

An easy way to transform your girl’s look is with a new twist in her hairstyle. Form cornrows, join them at the crown, and create an exquisite hair bun. Accessorize with colorful bands for an eye-catching new look!

Braided Ropes

Braided ropes are an eye-catching and eye-catching hairstyle that is easily maintained. This fun style can be worn with either a half-up bun or a let down look, with the hair divided into small braids before being interwoven to form rope-like locks. Easy maintenance makes this style stunningly beautiful!

Two side pony puffs

It can also make for an adorable style for black toddler girls with long natural hair that is quick and simple to achieve, especially when accessorized with colorful beads or hair bows. To achieve an edgier look, try braiding her hair in zig-zagged sections. This style is more accessible than box braids and looks very cool, saving time as no grid-like structure is required to form this braid style.

Half Updo

Parents often need help finding time for hair styling their toddler, between carpooling, afterschool pick-ups, and extracurricular activities. That doesn’t mean her locks should go neglected, though: these quick and easy natural hairstyles for black girls will ensure her beauty while saving time in the morning! Start by spraying her hair with leave-in conditioner, fluffing it up with an afro pick, and braiding two small ponytails around her face with beads added at their ends for an eye-catching splash of color. This hairstyle works beautifully for toddlers with short or medium-length locks.


This charming hairstyle offers an adorable and protective way to wear natural hair. The tiny Bantu knots create a bob effect and can add a pop of color through colorful accessories. This quick, straightforward hairstyle looks beautiful on black toddlers with naturally curly or wavy locks. All it requires for an elegant finish is a sleek back ponytail secured with a bow or flower clip for an instant elegance boost. If your little girl needs a break from braiding, try this chic hairstyle as an alternative! Spray her locks with leave-in conditioner and light oil such as coconut oil before fluffing up with an afro pick and using edge control gel for edge control.