Popular Haircuts For Teenage Guys

Straight Shag Hairstyles

Boys who want to keep their short locks looking stylish and low-maintenance can opt for straight-shag hairstyles. Achieving a pin-straight appearance may require extra styling gel for a smooth look.

Classic Crew Cut

A classic crew cut is an excellent choice for teenage boys who prefer a straightforward look. This versatile style can be worn with or without a side part.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a daring hairstyle that can add variety to a teen boy’s look. Styling with hair gel or pomade may be necessary, and fringe texture can add extra character.

Classic Combover

The classic combover haircut features longer hair on top and taper fade on the sides, exuding rebellion. This cut works well on men with curly or wavy locks; medium to firm hold hair gel can create a tousled look.

Straight Fringe

Straight fringe haircuts are timeless, simple styles that suit any face shape and color. This elegant style can be achieved by combing the hair back in a straight line to the eyebrows and applying hair gel.

Choppy Fringe

Halle Berry sports a choppy fringe style that complements softer face shapes. This look can create an intimidating and brooding persona, especially when combined with a skin fade on the sides.

High Volume

The high-volume combover hairstyle features thicker hair on top with a fade on both sides. Pomade or hair wax with strong to medium hold can help achieve ultimate control.


Spiky hairstyles can make a statement and look great, even on thin hair. Rat-tail styles offer a variation with a tail-like section that can be curled or straightened for an edgier appearance.


The mohawk hairstyle is daring and features spiky hair from front to back. A touch of styling mousse or hairspray can help maintain this unique look.

Messy Fringe

The messy fringe haircut puts a contemporary twist on traditional straight fringe cuts. Keeping the sides and back short, the longer top layers can be combed back or forward for easy maintenance. It suits any face shape and works well with various styles.