Tips For Dyeing Your Hair Titanium Color

– Titanium hair color is trendy for those with cool skin undertones.

– Book an initial consultation before dyeing your hair titanium.

Rootflage Mineral Powder

– Rootflage is a temporary root touch-up powder.

– It blends, softens, tones, and camouflages brassy roots.

– Suitable for any bleaching level and safe to use.


– Dyeing your hair titanium requires bleaching, which can be damaging.

– To minimize damage, use a toner before dyeing.

– Toners are less drying than bleaches.

– Start with light blonde or platinum as a base color.

– Avoid applying toner directly at the roots.

Balayage Highlights

– Titanium hair pairs beautifully with pink or blue highlights.

– Long box braids in titanium shade create an eye-catching appearance.

Ash Toner

– Ash toner gives a classic gray shade without damaging the hair.

– Neutralizes brassy hues and creates silvery gray highlights.

– Recommended brands: Redken Shades EQ, Matrix SoColor Sync, Ugly Duckling’s Blondify liquid gloss.


– Soften the impact of titanium hair with subtle highlights.

– Ice blonde and platinum-silver baby lights give a silvery finish.

– Highlights and lowlights are dyed streaks contrasting with the base color.

– Touch-ups are needed every four weeks.

– Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics.


– Titanium highlights add brightness to all hair colors, incredibly dark.

– Blend with natural brown strands for an eye-catching effect.

– Balayage lightens natural hair without bleaching completely.

– Multiple appointments may be required.

Purple Shimmer

– Use a toner to achieve a more subdued result.

– Titanium hair with a purple tint looks stunning.

– Pair with blue or violet undertones for an ultra-glam look.

– Consider the health of your hair before dyeing it titanium.

– Consult a stylist to determine if the titanium color suits you.