How to Achieve Light Copper hair Color

A copper color is a great choice for simple girls who want to change their hair‘s look without making drastic changes. The light copper hair color is a low-maintenance option that features an ombre effect. It has a dark base and fun, lighter ends. It’s also easy to maintain. Read on to learn more about copper hair color and how to achieve it! Here are a few tips:

Pink-tainted copper hair color


You can’t go wrong with this glam copper shade. It can look like strawberry-tasting candy floss and is just as cute on your hair as it is on candy. It can fade into cotton candy-like ombre locks, or rusty highlights mixed with honey or gold tones. Just remember that you need to take care of your lighter hair color, as it will need extra TLC.


If you’re not a complete newbie to trying out new hair colors, don’t fret. This rusty copper shade has a soft, faded tone and looks lovely on younger women. You can jazz up this color by styling it in loose curls or waves. For added definition, use a texture spray to add some dimension. If you don’t want to try a drastic new look, copper is a timeless choice for every age group.

Reddish orange copper hair color


Bright, intense and unique, reddish orange copper hair color is a perfect shade for fair or golden-toned skin. This hair color is a modern twist on the classic shade and a great alternative to Poison Ivy dye. Light red or orange hair is a great beachy look, and it looks fabulous paired with a natural tan. Dark red or orange hair is a vibrant, glowing shade, often with purple or chocolate undertones.


You should avoid using hot irons and blow dryers on copper-colored hair. You should also avoid using hair products containing sulfates and chloasmic acid. Consult a personal hair stylist for tips on how to style your hair in this bold color. However, the most important tip is to avoid heat styling at home and not use hair straighteners, as they may damage your color.

Cinnamon-tainted copper hair color


A rich, warm copper tone is a gorgeous hair color for summer. Inspired by gingers, this color can be both low-maintenance and striking. In the summer, add some highlights to your hair to complete the look. This hue complements any complexion and is appropriate for any occasion. Whether your skin tone is fair or olive, this color is suitable for everyone. Just remember to highlight your top-of-the-head hair with highlights for a gorgeous summer look.


For the best results, use a product that contains a warm undertone. This color requires the least amount of touchups compared to other hair colors, but if you have a naturally light blonde, you may have to use a glossing treatment in between each touch-up. Copper color also requires extra care, so be sure to choose a product suitable for color-treated hair.

Henna-tinted copper hair color


If you want to add a touch of color to your hair, you can dye it with henna. This ancient herb has been used in body art for centuries. While most of the henna-tinted copper hair color products will stick to your hair, others may take the color onto your skin. Before dyeing your hair, you should cover the area with newspaper or Ultrabland.


If you’re planning to dye your hair red, henna is a great option. This natural plant dye can produce a vibrant red that will last about four to six weeks. You can also mix henna with other plant dyes like Indigo and Cassia to get a lighter or darker tone. As henna is translucent, you should always test strand-by-strand to ensure it won’t make your hair lighter. It will also take about 3 days to develop.