How to Rock a Feminine Middle Part For Thin Hair

Creating a middle part with fine hair can be tricky; however, with proper haircuts and styling techniques, you can easily pull off this feminine look.

Aim for a layered bob with face-framing bangs for optimal results.

Asymmetrical Part

Asymmetrical bobs and other asymmetrical haircuts are excellent ways to give thin hair plenty of volume, movement, and texture.

To achieve an aesthetically balanced appearance, ask your stylist to keep longer strands slightly longer than others.

Use a volumizing serum/spray such as Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam and Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray for extra volume.

To create balance in your face, align the center of your nose with one side of your head and part your hair above areas that appear larger on one side.

Add an element of asymmetry by tucking one side of your hair, drawing your eyes away from any smaller side of your face.

Long Layers

Long layers are ideal for thin hair as they help create the illusion of volume.

Styling options vary, from leaving them straight and sleek to wearing them wavy and tousled.

Carrie Bradshaw is one of the foremost supporters of long, layered styles for thin hair.

Effortless Waves

Long, layered haircuts featuring side parts and beachy waves are an elegant solution for thin hair.

Add scrunchies or a half-bun for a retro flair when styling shoulder-length hair.

A shoulder-length bob is versatile in terms of its shape and styling options.

Classic Lob

Medium lobs are one of the best solutions for thin hair, as they’re easy to style and versatile.

Combine it with current hair color trends like brown to blonde balayage to achieve soft volume.

Layers are essential when it comes to crafting a successful lob haircut.

A blunt lob with bangs is ideal for those with thin hair, as it balances out their face-to-hair ratio without adding too much length.