How to Refresh a Collarbone Hairstyle With Layers

Layers for Effortless Style

Layers are a great way to update your hairstyle and make it look more modern. Depending on how they are done, layers can reduce bulkiness in long hair, frame your face, or add volume and movement. You can ask your stylist for layers and a middle part for a low-maintenance style if you have straight hair. If you have natural wavy hair, you can embrace its texture for a relaxed and undone look by tousling it.

Long Layers

Shoulder-grazing layers are popular as they provide a face-framing shape and extra volume. With shoulder-grazing layers, your stylist can add long layers for a classic shag look, favored by style icons like Jane Fonda and Halle Berry. Alternatively, short layers can be added to enhance your hair’s natural texture. Feathered layers can also help add volume to thicker hair, while feathered or soft-angled long collarbone cuts can add length without making thin hair look too wide. To achieve an effortlessly chic look, consider asking your stylist for an elegant feathered or soft-angled long collarbone haircut, which can be paired beautifully with either bangs or straight styling.

Short Layers

If you have straight shoulder-length hair, blow-drying can make waves easy. Ask your stylist to feather layers around your forehead and cheekbones to achieve a face-framing effect. A deep side part can bring everything together and create facial balance. Thick strands can benefit from strategic layers that add movement and reduce bulk. You can have your stylist cut a few hidden layers beneath the chin that work their way upward toward your ears, allowing for easy styling like curling or embracing natural waves. Thin strands can appear flat and lack volume, so adding short layers can instantly boost volume and texture. Ask your stylist to feather delicate layers throughout for a notable transformation, or try using texturizing mousse and blow drying upside down for a beachy vibe.

Graduated Bob

The graduated bob is a classic hairstyle that can help slim down your face shape when combined with wispy front layers and varied lengths. This creates volume, while longer strands at the front frame highlight your features. It is particularly suitable for fine hair, as the layers can add dimension and frame your face. Adding subtle babylights at the crown can give a timeless touch to this look.

Curl your layered bob into loose waves to frame your face, and seal this look with a firm hold hairspray for an ultra-glam effect.

Curtain Bangs

For a casual style with plenty of texture, you can ask your stylist to create layers of various lengths that create a natural yet modern shape. This will make your hair stand out in a stylish and put-together way. A collarbone-length bob with long layers is perfect for creating an eye-catching structure and framing any face shape. It can also make thin hair appear thicker. For an elegant and charming style, adding long curtain bangs to a collarbone-length haircut can enhance the overall look and emphasize your features, adding a touch of vintage beauty.