How to Style Loose Curly Hair Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift first gained fame as a child due to her naturally curly locks, inspiring many tweens to curl their own. Later, however, she discovered the flat iron and started straightening them for herself.

Tight Curls

Taylor Swift fans know she loves switching up her style. The singer is known for wearing tight curls, wavy bobs, and straight locks at various concerts and appearances, and has even been seen teasing her hair to wear it with headbands or scarves!

Tight curls are an iconic style for anyone with curly hair. Not only can they add volume and feminine flare, but they can also help add some feminine touches to any outfit. To achieve this look, use a curling iron or flatiron combined with styling mousse, hairspray, and texturizing spray for best results.

Wavy Bobs

Wavy bobs are an elegant style for people with curly locks. Perfect for any formal event – even casual days out – they add texture to your wavy hair while remaining accessible and stylish enough for everyday wear. Boho styles like braiding or pining add dimension, and this look could also work at weddings!

Taylor Swift has often been seen sporting a short, wavy bob. She donned this look at both the MTV Video Music Awards 2014 and Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016. However, in 2017, Taylor shortened her hair further and tried a sleek bob with straight ends before switching back to her signature style for the release of her fifth album, 1989.

Loose Curls

While she still sports her signature wavy bob on occasion, she’s increasingly turning to wearing loose, natural curls in recent months – something which speaks more directly to her country music roots and gives her a youthful appearance. She debuted this style during Reputation Stadium Tour performances this spring as well as during Pride Month celebrations in New York City.

Taylor returned to her bouncy curls for the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs), similar to what was seen on the Fearless album cover, and also for Grammy Awards 2022 and Reputation Stadium Tour later that fall.

Curls with Bangs

Add an elegant touch to your bangs by adding curls. Not only will this create a dramatic look, but it is an especially good idea if you have thicker hair textures. To prevent having too much volume, gently comb through the curls after adding them – or try using light shine oil for additional luster and definition!

Curling all of your hair before pulling a section into a side bun will create fuller locks and make this style suitable for any special event – it even adds extra glitz if worn with a tiara!

Taylor Swift has proven that layered shags remain fashionable. She pairs hers with choppy bangs for a classic rock-n-roll vibe, and also incorporates them into romantic red carpet looks.

Curls with Side Bangs

Curly hair never goes out of style, and adding side bangs is a timeless style that never goes out. They frame your face beautifully while adding some drama – not to mention that this versatile style works for any season!

Taylor Swift surprised everyone when she debuted her bangs; their stark difference from her signature straight locks made them all the more stunning and led many of her fans to speculate that this change signaled she would soon release an album.

However, she has since returned her hair to its tight, wavy roots – though that doesn’t mean she has given up her signature curly style entirely. Recently seen sporting it alongside a low ponytail and her signature red lip is has had some Swifties wondering whether her much anticipated sixth album may soon be out.

Taylor had long worn her signature look of wavy hair with bangs during her early country-pop days, though recently she has experimented with different looks – for instance trying out a sleek straight bob for an event in April.

At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Taylor Swift combined her blonde locks with a low ponytail and her signature red lipstick to create an effortlessly stylish and sensuous look – perfect for someone as known for their fashion sense as they are for their music.

Though she has yet to announce when or if her new album will be released, recent appearances by Taylor provide us with enough clues that it should be successful. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye out for any hair or wardrobe cues she provides us in order to figure out what surprises she has in store for us next.