New Men Hairstyle 2020

Men’s hairstyles require careful consideration yet needn’t be high maintenance. This shaved style exemplifies this with its low maintenance needs yet stylish masculinity.

A comb-over can create a modern and fashionable masculine image and make you appear handsome and sensuous when combined with a beard.

Comb Over

The classic men’s comb-over is an elegant style versatile enough to suit different hair types and textures. This classic look works exceptionally well when combined with fades such as taper cuts for an office-friendly finish.

A layered comb-over is another great style to try, adding volume and dimension to the crown of your head. You can either slick back for a sleek appearance, or switch it up by brushing forward with side-swept fringe for an elegant and masculine twist.

If you are still getting ready for a full pompadour or quiff, this men’s hairstyle could be just the thing to satisfy your sense of style. Pair this look with a beard for an eye-catching appearance sure to turn heads.

Long Top

Men’s long hairstyles have grown increasingly popular thanks to their versatility and easy maintenance requirements. Slicked back or parted on either side, this look adds elegance and sophistication to any ensemble.

A clean, high, fade haircut effectively highlights your long top, emphasizing its texture and volume. This timeless look complements most face shapes and is suitable for any social setting or environment.

Fluffy textured short hair for men is an increasingly popular trend ideal for creating an elegant yet casual look. To achieve this style, texturizing products or blow-drying your locks in specific patterns are available to give them that “puffiness.”

Medium-Length Shag

The fade haircut is a fashionable men’s style with short sides and back hair and longer locks on top that can be styled with texture or volume for maximum versatility. It requires minimal upkeep while remaining suitable for any event or attire.

Are you searching for an eye-catching yet rugged hairstyle? Try this trendy men’s hairstyle featuring long, thick locks. This look features a medium length on top with short sides and an unintended fringe, giving it an unfinished look that can either appear messy or be styled back for more refined effects.

This style can also be worn with a beard for an additional contemporary and masculine edge.

Pompadour with Beard

A pompadour with a beard is an elegant and unique way to showcase masculinity and style. Ideal for men with naturally thick locks, beards are a great way to add texture and depth. Additionally, this hairstyle works particularly well if your receding hairline calls for it.

The Mullet Drop Fade haircut is an iconic men’s haircut that combines elements of both classic mullets and modern fades into one distinctive and eye-catching style. Wearable, either messy or more structured, this statement piece creates an eye-catching appearance for any occasion.

Curtain bangs haircut

Curtain bangs haircut is an elegant TikTok trend that is ideal for casual or more structured wear. This mid-men’s haircut looks fantastic on all hair textures and lengths, framing the face while adding drama.

Hard Part

Men who value having an outlined silhouette should opt for a complex part hairstyle, as it accentuates pompadours and adds an intriguing new dimension. Furthermore, it can be an elegant alternative to classic fade hairstyles, providing another stylish option with texturized top hair or even texturing it for more distinctive styles.

A tricky part is a famous men’s hairstyle, which entails parting one side and brushing it into place, usually from front to back. This type of haircut works well on straight or wavy medium to thick-density hair types. To finish off this trendy men’s style, add volume and definition by using styling gel or wax on your locks for additional book and purpose.


Men with curly hair can use this style to give their locks an elegant and modern appearance. It is simple to achieve, and suited for various types, such as the crew cut.

This classic short haircut for men features short sides and back with a longer top that can be cut to various lengths for an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance. Pairing this look with an untidy pompadour adds volume and edge that complements all hair types and lengths perfectly and complements beards perfectlyo.