Taylor Lautner’s New Mohawk Hairstyle

Taylor Lautner, best known as Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga movies, sports short hair that highlights its texture and shine. Additionally, he stays fit through regular gym visits as well as healthy diet habits. He underwent several steps in order to secure his role in The Twilight Saga cast — such as gaining 30 pounds of muscle mass and wearing the iconic Jacob wig for much of Eclipse and New Moon.

Asymmetric Haircut

Asymmetrical styles can be striking when performed properly, and can help balance out facial features that don’t quite align, such as an unbalanced nose or jawline. Add asymmetrical layers to a standard bob for extra texture and dimension. To prevent it from shifting throughout the day, try texturizing spray such as Matrix Total Results High Amplify Anti-Frizz Hairspray which can hold it all day long. Another fun way to wear this look is by tying back long side strands and leaving the rest of the locks loose for an easygoing summer vibe. Make sure that you wash your hair regularly to maintain its health and shine; and always use heat protectant before styling with any tools.

Short Haircut

Actor Taylor Lautner recently made headlines when he unveiled a short haircut that has many of his fans buzzing with excitement. Inspired by classic mohawk hairstyles, his new short cut features a high part in front and shaved or trimmed sides – it is easy to achieve and looks great on guys with shoulder-length or longer locks. Taylor’s short spiky haircut provides an alternative to his iconic black Jacob wig in Twilight and half of New Moon, creating an eye-catching appearance and framing the face beautifully. At present, heartthrob is more focused on being a loving father to his rescue dogs than on playing Jacob Black, a werewolf in future movies; however, he hasn’t completely disqualified returning to that iconic character and said recently it would be fun revisiting it: “I would absolutely love doing it again if it’s the right script!”

Asymmetric Hairstyle

Taylor Lautner is best known as one of the stars from Twilight and New Moon movies, yet is also a talented martial artist and martial art instructor. His most recognizable role as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga movies has given him worldwide acclaim. In movies, he wears long hair to portray his character before becoming a werewolf; in real life, however, the actor prefers shorter styles with spikes and waves for daily wear; on occasion he can even be found sporting a faux hawk! Lautner recently made headlines when he began dyeing his naturally dark locks a light purple shade – although this change may be temporary, it shows he’s not afraid to try new things and will surely stand out on red carpets when next appearing!

Short Faux Hawk

Taylor Lautner donned a wig to portray Jacob Black in the Twilight series due to having short locks himself, yet found it uncomfortable and caused numerous setbacks during filming. As such, eventually had to opt for his natural locks instead. A short faux hawk is an eye-catching hairstyle that offers versatility. From its unique spiky or smooth style to being combined with low fade or taper fade sides for an eye-catching effect. A textured short faux hawk can be an ideal style choice for men with curly hair. This look provides an alternative to the more extreme classic mohawk, while still looking good when worn with a bald fade and offering stylish summertime style.