How to Balayage Your Own Hair

Before You Begin:

1. Prepare Your Hair

– Avoid washing your hair for two or three days prior to balayage.

– Discuss with your stylist the time needed for the process.

– Apply toning conditioner after balayage for color neutralization and UV protection.

Color Application:

2. Apply the Dye

– Gather color kits, hair clips, Vaseline, and gloves.

– Only apply dye to desired lightening areas, avoiding the roots.

– Work in small sections and follow the dye’s instructions for timing.

– Rinse out the dye once the timer goes off.


3. Rinse

– Balayage creates a gradual, natural effect for any hair color.

– Wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair.

– Maintain balayage with deep conditioning, sulfate-free products, and toner.

– Protect your hair from direct sun exposure with UV protective leave-in products.

Long-Term Maintenance:

4. Condition

– Balayage highlights allow for natural hair growth without noticeable patches.

– Consult with your stylist for optimal color and placement.

– Use non-sulfate shampoo regularly to keep hair vibrant and healthy-looking.

Styling Tips:

5. Style

– Balayage highlights require less frequent touch-ups than traditional foils.

– Balayage techniques are generally less damaging to hair.

– Use products specifically designed for dyed hair and incorporate sun protection.

Overall, balayage is a versatile and attractive hair color technique that can be personalized to suit your aesthetic preferences. It provides a gentle and natural-looking highlight that requires less maintenance. Follow these steps and tips to achieve beautiful balayage hair at home.