How to Style Super Fine Hair

The critical difference between fine hair and thin hair lies in texture and density. “Fine” refers to the diameter of each individual strand, while “density” refers to how many strands per square inch on your scalp. To test density, pinch one hair between your fingertips and thumb and see if it feels similar to the thread used for sewing – if so, it indicates fine hair.

Fine hair may seem simple to style – you can quickly throw it up into a bun or ponytail without falling flat before the happy hour – but many with fine locks know it can be challenging to create natural-looking volume and keep curls. So it is vitally important to find the appropriate shampoo, one stylist tells SELF. Ideally, it should contain volumizing ingredients without harsh sulfates and silicones, which leave hair flat; and be gentle yet moisturizing enough not to require frequent shampooings. As celebrity hairstylist Anthony Nader advises, opting for products without heavy ingredients like oils and butter that may contribute to product build-up that weighs down your strands is best. Instead, use volumizing formulas containing lightweight components such as biotin, polymers, and hyaluronic acid. He also suggests finding an oil and grease-clearing shampoo like this, giving your strands a light, clean feeling.

Virtue Labs’ Light Conditioner contains Alpha Keratin 60KU, an exclusive human keratin protein that strengthens individual strands for fuller-looking locks. Avoid heavy oils or waxes for fine hair as these can leave it stiff and flat; instead, opt for a styling cream designed to increase volume and thickness; Tresemme celebrity stylist John D. recommends the Blow-Out Creme as the solution. Utilizing dry shampoo between washes will also keep your locks from feeling oily, creating texture to each strand and defining it. Ouai’s Finishing Cream ($24) can be applied to damp or dry hair and is designed to prevent flyaways and frizz while controlling occasional frizzy bits throughout the day.

Since density and thickness change over time, adding weekly treatments to your routine can help maintain the desired texture. When selecting the ideal treatment, use a deep conditioner or mask that won’t weigh down your hair; we recommend Kerastase Fusio Dose Densifique; it works great for all hair types by helping prevent breakage while adding thickness and adding density to fine tresses while revitalizing texture – best used wet or dry before shampooing for maximum effect!

Curly hair can quickly become over-moisturized and weigh down when oversaturated with heavy oils, silicones, and higher molecular weight polymers (HMWPs). Lightweight products contain water-soluble ingredients which penetrate strands easily while still offering moisture-rich butter, oils, and natural extracts that protect and coat strands without adding weight. If you curl your hair, try using a leave-in treatment that won’t weigh it down, like this one from Bataille that contains Manuka honey to moisturize, define, and add shine – it makes an excellent addition to any washday routine and works for all textures of hair! Livermore suggests trying a point cut to remove dead weight from your ends and avoid bottom-heaviness, and light spray without stiffening or sticky effects to create frizz-free defined coils that won’t weigh down or over moisturize your locks. By following these two strategies with Curl Maven Method techniques, you’ll achieve hydrated yet defined curls without being over moisturized or weighted down by their moisture.