Best Toners For Orange Hair

Orange hair can result from bleaching, dying, or highlighting services. To counteract these brassy tones, blue toners are often needed. Blue toners are semi-permanent or demi-permanent colors that help neutralize orange tones and create a calm, ashy tone. This article will review which toners are best for orange hair and how to effectively utilize them.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off:

The Matrix Total Results Brass Off is an effective blue toner specifically designed to counteract orange brassy tones in ombre or naturally dark brown hair that has been bleached. This toner does not contain ammonia or developer, and it works by depositing blue-violet pigments into the hair to neutralize brassy tones. It also helps preserve the color, reduce fade-out, and nourish the strands. Using this toner 2-3 times weekly or as needed is recommended.

Matrix’s So Silver Range:

Matrix’s So Silver range is another great product designed for brunettes who have lightened their hair and want a cool blonde look between salon visits. The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment that contains blue-violet pigments to balance out the brassy warmth in the hair. These pigments deposit cool tones onto each strand, providing refreshment and maintaining a refreshing, cool-toned look. These products are highly recommended for anyone with a blonde hue between salon visits.

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning:

This semi-permanent toner is ideal for toning orange hair at home. By neutralizing orange hues with blue and violet dyes, this formula produces cool-toned blonde locks without any brassiness. The toner also contains Enforcing Technology, which helps prevent hair breakage while coloring, leaving the hair shiny and soft. For optimal application, it is recommended to apply the toner on damp hair. This toner should be used by dividing the hair and saturating each section with the mixture for 20 minutes before rinsing.

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach Blonde Toner:

The L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach Blonde Toner is an excellent option for eliminating unwanted orange tones in bleached hair. By depositing blue pigment onto individual strands, this toner neutralizes orange tones and strengthens the hair, making it more resistant to brassiness and future damage. The formula is free of harsh sulfates, making it safe for all types of chemically treated hair, including extensions. It is also suitable for colored or natural brown hair and those who have used bleach. Professionals in salons trust and use this toner on their clients.

Wella T14 Toner:

Wella T14 is considered one of the best toners for orange hair. Its blue-purple base effectively neutralizes orange pigments, resulting in excellent ash-blonde locks. However, this toner must be mixed with a 20-volume developer and applied to pre-lightened hair to be effective. It is important to note that professionals advise against using multiple hair toners simultaneously as it can cause damage and unpredictable results. Before applying the toner, using a porosity equalizer and conducting a strand test is recommended to ensure optimal results.

In conclusion, blue toners are highly recommended for neutralizing orange tones in hair and achieving a calm, ashy look. The Matrix Total Results Brass Off, Matrix’s So Silver range, Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Blonde Toning, L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach Blonde Toner, and Wella T14 Toner are all excellent options to consider for toning orange hair. Remember to follow the instructions and conduct tests for the best results.