Summer Hair Colors – How to Refresh Your Blonde Hair

Suitability and Maintenance

Strawberry-blonde hues suit most skin tones. Consult your colorist to blend excellent pearl and warm gold for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance look.

Brunettes Going Light

Technique: Balayage

Brunettes looking to switch things up this summer without incurring additional monthly maintenance can go light by using balayage. This technique adds soft streaks of golden Blonde to their locks, seamlessly blending color from roots to ends and creating softened edges of Blonde.

Warm Blonde

Suitability for All Complexions

Warm Blonde combines cool and warm blonde tones to add vibrancy and depth to any summertime ensemble. It features platinum or ash hues for a cool blonde shade or golden hues with orange or golden undertones for a warmer blond tone, making it suitable for women of all complexions.

Girly Peach Shade

Ask your colorist to apply a delicate peach hue on your blonde strands for an irresistibly girly and girlish summer hair color. This pastel shade works wonders with all skin tones, particularly light-medium complexions.

Soft Ombre Balayage

Soft ombre balayage techniques can warm blonde tones with butter and honey shades. The method starts at your eyebrows for a more soothing bronde effect, providing an alternative way to go full Blonde without commit

tingool Blonde

Reviving Your Blonde Locks

As summer nears, now is an excellent time to revive your blonde locks. From subtly changing the tone to going full Blonde, our summer blonde ideas can help you find the ideal hues to complement both your complexion and eye color.

Dusty Blonde with Ashy Roots

Cool blondes come in various shades, from platinum to lilac-violet highlights. Opt for a light dusty blonde with ashy roots and vanilla front highlights to avoid brassiness and maintain the dimension.

Warm Buttery Blonde

If you prefer the look of toasted coconut blonde but find platinum too cool, try Reese Witherspoon’s warm, buttery hue. This warm blonde shade combines light and darker tones with a hint of brown, complementing all skin tones.

Sun-Kissed Sandy Look

Warm Blonde is reminiscent of sun-kissed sunsets and perfect for a bright and sunny look during the summer. Achieve this shade using golden balayage highlights over dark roots or lighter ones for an effortlessly blended sandy look.

hair Care Tips

Keep your summer blonde in tip-top condition by following a nourishing hair care routine that features products designed for color-treated strands. Products like Pureology Hydrate Shampoo Conditioner and Kerastase Soleil Nourishing After-Sun Mask protect and preserve color while increasing shine and hydration levels.

Cool Ash Blonde

Transitioning for Brunettes

Cool-toned ash blonde is an excellent starting point for brunettes transitioning to Blonde. Adding face-framing highlights and darker smokey lowlights creates dimension and pairs well with loose beachy curls.

Finding the Perfect Shade

Consult with a professional stylist to find your perfect ash-blonde shade. They can assess if your hair can handle lightening rapidly or if a more gradual approach would be better. A stylist can also help find an ash-blonde hue that complements your natural skin tone.

Long-Lasting Color Solution

Darker ash blonde shades tend to fade yellow less quickly than lighter blonde hues, making it an excellent choice for keeping your blonde locks in top condition throughout the summer.

Warm Golden Blonde

Beach-y, Sun-Kissed Effect

Warm golden Blonde takes inspiration from rose gold and combines it with golden balayage for a beachy, sun-kissed effect. This hue complements pearly complexions and blue-green and hazel eye colors.

Strawberry-Blonde Ombre

For an easy and low-maintenance way to update warm blonde locks, try the strawberry-blonde ombre style like Zendaya’s beautiful locks. This neutral tone complements any hair texture from curly to straight and any skin tone from fair through medium and dark.