How Brunettes Can Look Chic and Stylish This Summer

Summer marks a change of season and brings with it brighter makeup, lighter clothes, and new hair colors – such as for brunettes who may think their only option for looking stylish and sexy is going blonde! However, there are other choices out there for you that can still help make you look chic and feminine!

Complements olive and tan skin tones perfectly, creating a radiant finish.

Brown hair with Caramel Highlights:

Highlights in caramel hues add depth and brightness to your hair, especially in a wavy bob style.

Brown hair with Beachy Waves:

Apply leave-in conditioner and create two French rope twists for natural-looking waves.

Brown hair with Ombre:

Suitable for both curly and straight locks.

Brown hair with Caramel Lowlights:

Remember to consult your stylist and consider your skin tone and hair length when choosing these trendy summer looks for brunettes!