Cute Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

If you’re ready for something different, ask your stylist about a layered short cut. With long layers, they can add texture and dimension to any bob, lob or shag haircut.


Layers are an invaluable cutting technique that works beautifully on hair of all lengths. From short pixie cuts and classic framing bobs, to natural coil patterns and even highlights and color in the layers themselves – adding this dynamic element can give any cut a distinctive, modern edge.

Tousled Texture

Cute short haircuts have an infinite number of possibilities! By adding dark roots or sharp side parts, your short cut can take on an entirely new appearance.

Side Parts

No matter the length or texture of your hair, a side part can bring sophistication to any look. The gradual gradation between shorter side-locks and the longer top can draw the eye inward towards your eyes and cheekbone area; drawing attention directly to them.


Braids are an easy and stylish solution when it comes to short hairstyles that can add something special. Not only are they an eye-catching option, but braids also serve as an effective means of managing those awkward “in-between-grow out phases!”