Stylish Haircut For Men

With styles ranging from short hairstyles with fades to mid-length comb-overs, there is an array of stylish haircuts for men available. No matter your preferred look–neat and simple or bold and creative–there will surely be one suitable.

Box Fade

One of the most fashionable styles, a box fade, creates an ultra-sleek and professional appearance. Ideal for those with textured hair and pairs well when worn alongside stubble or beards.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an effortless style to maintain, making it the ideal option for men looking professional without breaking the bank. Ask your barber to use a 2 or 3 guard to achieve even length on top and back of your head before fading your remaining hair to skin level.

Side Part

There are few haircuts as classic and sophisticated as the side part yet still need to be higher-maintenance. This style works great with any hair length and offers immense versatility; wear it slicked back for a more formal appearance, or leave it loose and tousled for a casual vibe.

Crew Cut

A timeless classic for men, the crew cut can be styled as anything from a quiff, pompadour, or slicked-back look. Tapered at both ends, this hairstyle gives volume to those with finer strands while remaining professional-looking – use some paste or clay to give extra flair!


The quiff is one of the oldest men’s haircuts to remain relevant in modern fashion and style. First popularised by Teddy Boys and rock stars before becoming an iconic post-war style symbol, today it has been adopted by all style tribes.

Slick Back

The slicked back is a classic men’s hairstyle that always looks good and is especially smart when worn with a suit. Straighter locks work best as this allows the product to adhere more readily, but even those with curlier locks may use lightweight finishing products to avoid unnecessary shine.