Ombre Hair Color Trends for Curly Hair

Ombre is a stunning hair color trend that looks amazing on curly hair. It allows you to add a pop of color without going all-in, and it’s also affordable.

Laverne Cox’s Brown to Blonde Ombre

Follow Laverne Cox’s example and try a brown to blonde ombre for an elegant style that enhances your luxurious curls. This is also a great way to transition from darker roots to lighter ends with minimal damage to your hair.

High-Contrast Silvery Ombre for Dark Locks

If you have dark hair with beautiful curls, consider a high-contrast silvery ombre that highlights the natural charm of your locks. This trend works well for women of all skin tones and adds volume and texture to your hair.

Curly Balayage: Low-Maintenance and Natural-Looking

Curly balayage is an effortless, low-maintenance style that works for all curl types. It requires minimal root touch-ups with the help of a professional colorist. This style adds dimension to your curls and helps disguise any noticeable lines of demarcation that can occur with straight-haired ombre styles.

Purple Ombre for Wavy and Curly Hair

Purple ombre looks stunning on wavy and curly hair, evoking a royal mermaid’s signature look. Be bold and showcase your personality with this captivating shade – you may surprise yourself with the results!

Partial Highlights for a Soft Transition

Create a soft transition from dark roots to blonde locks with partial highlights. Your colorist can apply highlights several shades lighter than your base shade, giving you a sun-kissed effect that complements your ombre hairstyle.

Balayage: Natural-Looking Sun-Kissed Effects

Balayage is an innovative coloring technique that creates natural-looking sun-kissed effects without using foils. It also means you’ll need less frequent touch-ups compared to other methods.

Light Brown Balayage Ombre with Pink Highlights

Try a light brown balayage ombre styled with pink highlights for an engaging and eye-catching look. Your stylist will hand-paint each strand using free-form brushing techniques, adding more dimension to your curly locks than standard ombre techniques. Pair this look with beachy waves for the ultimate summery style.

Dark Ombre for Subdued Elegance

Curly hair provides a low contrast between dark and light colors, making creating more subtle ombre looks easier. Instead of a dramatic five or more shade lighter hue ombre, try a soft and natural-looking dark brown to light brown ombre. This style seems fashionable and flattering on short curls, creating an adorable halo effect.

Experimenting with Darker Ombre Dye Jobs

Curly or wavy hair can better hide the line between bleached and natural hues, allowing for experimentation with darker ombre dye jobs. Consider rich chocolate hues or warm caramel tones to add depth and dimension to your hair.

Impactful Black Ombre Hair

A black ombre on curly hair can make a powerful statement, offering elegance and drama. A black fade into a brown or blonde hue looks stunning on those with darker skin tones.

Silver Ombre for Fuller and Healthier Curls

Silver ombre is a fantastic style for curly hair as it enhances the texture and gives the appearance of fuller, healthier strands. This trend works well for natural dark and light strands, allowing darker roots and lighter ends to create an eye-catching contrast. Ash-blonde strands, in particular, stand out with this technique.

Achieving a Black Ombre Look

You will need a balayage dye kit, an applicator brush, an old shirt, gloves, and Vaseline to achieve a black ombre look. Begin by detangling and sectioning your hair, tying each section above where the fade will start. Secure the areas with Vaseline for better adhesion.