Tips For Straightening Frizzy Hair

Before Straightening

Cleanse and Condition – Use a gentle shampoo and frizz-fighting conditioner to wash your hair. Use lukewarm water to prevent drying out your strands.

Towel dry until damp – After washing, towel dry your hair until it is damp but not wet. This will prevent further damage while straightening.

Deep Condition – Apply a deep conditioner to nourish and protect your hair, especially if you use heat tools. Look for products with keratin protein and argan oil for smoothness and resilience.

Heat Protectant – Use heat protectant products, such as sprays or serums, to protect your hair from heat damage. Look for ones that offer thermal protection and moisture resistance.

Straightening Process

Apply a good conditioner – Choose a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type and density. Use a small amount and spread it through your strands to smooth and defrizz your hair.

Massage your scalp – Massaging your scalp daily improves blood flow and promotes healthy hair growth. Use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to smooth and tame frizz.

Use a heat protectant before blow drying – Apply a heat protectant product to safeguard your hair and seal in shine. Consider using a curl creme to hydrate and nourish your locks.

Maintaining Straight Hair

Avoid excessive sweating – Sweat can cause frizz and ruin your hairstyle. Wear a hat or scarf outdoors or sleep on silk/satin pillowcases to reduce friction.

Use dry shampoo before straightening – Applying dry shampoo to the roots before straightening will minimize frizz caused by excess oils and product buildup on your scalp.

Apply an effective conditioner after straightening – Use a leave-in conditioner with heat protection to lock in moisture and prevent frizziness. Look for lightweight options tailored for straight hair.

By following these tips, you can successfully straighten your frizzy hair and achieve sleek, shiny locks.