Spring Hair Colors For Brunettes

With spring in full bloom, now is an opportune time to reinvent your hair color. From subtle peek-a-boo styles to dramatic transformations, here are the season’s must-have brunette hues.

Zoe Kravitz’s Icy and Cool Blonde Shades

Zoe Kravitz’s icy and cool blonde shades offer the ideal solution for brunettes looking to lighten up. Ask your stylist to use minimal baby lights around your face for a natural sunkissed effect.

Dusty Copper

Brunettes who don’t yet want to switch up their hair color can still go for soft copper hues that blend peachy tones with warm brown bases for stunning spring and summer hairstyles. If you want to experiment with copper highlights without fully committing, ask your stylist to apply face-framing highlights instead. That way, you can test this color without risking too much of your natural strands’ health.

Spiced Copper Shades

Spiced copper shades like this luscious carroty lob from Nine Zero One Salon colorist Lindsey Neavitt make an eye-catching statement among daring fair-skinned girls. Lindsey created it on musician Girl Wilde, who opted for this color — her fine flecks beautifully illuminate her brilliant lob.

Deep Mocha Brown

Brunettes looking to add subtle pops of color or embrace something more dramatic have plenty of options for adding hue pops into their locks this spring. From chocolate and cherry hues that make an impactful statement to warm blonde tints with unexpected highlights, these spring hair colors will revive brunette locks in style! Take inspiration from celebrities like Blake Lively to achieve the shadow-root trend popularized by this style. Sulfate-free shampoo will prevent early fading. Warm caramel balayage is another gorgeous technique if your natural curls make them visible – this style adds fullness and texture for added impact!

Copper Blonde

Coppery brown tones make an eye-catching statement while remaining understated, perfect for brunettes who wish to add something unique and subtle. The muted copper hue complements cool-toned complexions perfectly while quickly fading out over time for an exciting color change. Hailey Bieber popularized the strawberry-blonde trend last spring, and now it is time for brunettes to try this eye-catching hue. Ask for natural-looking balayage and minimal baby lights to achieve this stunning shade.

Mahogany Highlights

Rather than opt for the bold reds seen on Sophie Turner and Kendall Jenner in Spring 2018, try injecting warm tones into your dark locks – it works wonderfully with neutral skin tones! Balayage is an effective way to lighten hair without bleaching it entirely, and this honey-brown balayage on brunettes stands out as incredibly stunning. It gives the illusion of a sunkissed spring break vacation and makes your locks appear healthier.

Red Highlights

Are You Inspired by Miley Cyrus or Ciara? Brunettes who appreciate Miley Cyrus’s Queen’s Gambit look or adding red highlights (such as our girl crush Ciara ) find this hue ideal. Because brunette hair already contains natural red undertones, this look appears more natural and can easily be refreshed monthly with Matrix Keep Me Vivid Toning Gloss. Rich mahogany shades are great because they’re easy to grow out, especially with minimal babylights like Sofia Richie’s face-framing style. Additionally, you could use a darker ombre with red tones throughout your cut for an ageless and warm appearance.

Ribbon Lights

If you’re a brunette looking to refresh your look without going light, ribbon highlights may be just what’s needed to give you that little something extra. This technique subtly mixes blonde hues into your natural shade for an attractive yet understated peekaboo effect.

Dark Chocolate Balayage

Few things look as luxurious as a deep chocolate brown with warm balayage highlights. Unlike traditional highlights, which require frequent touch-ups, this technique produces subtly lit strands of light that appear as naturally as your natural hair color and require minimal upkeep. This shade works beautifully for women of all skin tones, though olive or warm skin tones respond particularly well. Ask your stylist to use a rich coffee brown base with chestnut-hued highlights and smudged roots to achieve the look.