Red Hair Trends For Brunettes

Imagine an enjoyable glass of cherry coke–that’s how this bright red shade looks! Perfect for brunettes looking to add a pop of red that requires minimal upkeep, it makes an excellent addition. Be mindful that if you dye your hair a semi-permanent red hue, it will take multiple shampoos and weeks before all traces of red have faded completely – so don’t forget products specially formulated to protect color-treated locks!

Bright Blue

No matter your style – neon bright or pastel pastel blue hair color options exist to fit every taste and preference! Bright blue is an eye-catching color and can help express who you are through its vibrant hue, but it requires courage and confidence. Herry Monster from “Sesame Street” is an unforgettable character, and his deep blue locks are one of his trademark features. Both men and women can wear this shade; dark locks significantly benefit from this blue hair hue. Those looking for vibrant blue hair colors should visit a professional salon rather than at-home dye kits, since professional colorists can access higher-grade semi-permanent and permanent blue dyes that may last longer than cheaper products. Make sure to use an intensive conditioner that protects and maintains the vibrancy of color throughout its duration.

Light Blue

Blue hair can be an eye-catching statement. From subtle touches of blue to full-on waves, there’s sure to be something perfect for every style and personality – though long-term commitment (unless you prefer wigs) should always be considered before dyeing your locks blue. If you need more time to get permanent blue hair dye, try the light blue dip dye method instead. Simply simply dipping just the tips of your hair in blue paint allows for quick change without an overwhelming commitment. Pastel hues of blue can look especially striking against fair skin tones, making for an eye-catching mermaid-inspired shade that adds freshness and modernity. Try pairing this look with green highlights to intensify its charms further.

Burgundy Red

Burgundy red hair has become one of the biggest trends. This dark shade complements all skin tones and is an excellent way to express your playful side or add dimension and depth to darker tresses. Burgundy is especially significant when highlighted through balayage techniques like highlights; this hue brings out its best features. Burgundy is an effortlessly wearable hue with dark yet vibrant undertones, making it both wearable and effortless to style. Additionally, its subtlety provides a pop of color without feeling too daring. If you want a softer burgundy hue, select colors that lean more toward plum than maroon. This hue makes a lovely choice for natural brown bases as its maintenance costs will be lower, and its brightness won’t fade as quickly as other bright red shades may do.

Burgundy Brown

Burgundy is an ideal hue to add depth and dimension to darker hair, as its intensity tends to be subdued. Additionally, this hue works excellently across a range of lengths and textures – but an ombre or balayage technique offers the most subtle take on this hue. Darker brunette shades with burgundy highlights look incredibly stunning, whether blended into the roots or featured as highlights throughout. Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and rapper Badmomzjay sport center-parted burgundy hair with vivid red tips that give their looks an instant punch of color. Swinney suggests using a deep conditioner to protect the hair from damage and avoid dryness. Remember that darker red hues tend to fade more quickly than lighter reds, necessitating more frequent touch-ups than other hues. If in doubt, consult a professional stylist before dyeing your locks.