Spiked Hairstyles For Men

This stylish style features a short haircut with a mid-fade.

Work your product into damp hair before using any form of heat to style it to achieve the perfect style for this look.

Doing otherwise could result in unattractive clumps of dry spikes appearing.

Frontal Spikes

Long spikes stand out as a distinct and eye-catching style that exudes confidence.

For this type of spiky haircut, your hair must reach at least past your ears in front and down to your eyes in the back for optimal results.

Add ash blonde highlights to your long spiky haircut for texture and color variation in your strands.

This hairstyle works exceptionally well if your locks can hold their shape when brushed upwards; pair this look with a short beard for the ultimate look.

Backward Spikes

Are you interested in adding some edge to your look with an upturned backward spike style?

This spiky hairstyle could be precisely what you’ve been searching for!

Swooping upwards creates an eye-catching effect, and the shorter locks are kept sharp with a mid fade for maximum impact on any occasion.

This hairstyle is slightly messier than its counterparts yet still manageable.

To keep this spiky hairstyle intact, apply a small amount of gel or pomade and evenly distribute it through your locks with a comb to create some structure and help hold its form throughout the day.

If necessary, extra products can be applied as necessary.

Undercut Spikes

Spiked textured haircuts were once widespread in MTV-era fashion; now, they remain an eye-catching element of trendy modern hairstyles for men.

This spiky hairstyle for men is a variation on the pompadour, featuring a total top with a smooth fade on the sides and back, along with neatly maintained mustaches and beards that match up nicely with its spikes on top.

A significant aspect of this spiky hairstyle is its easy maintenance.

All it requires is working a small amount of product into your front section and brushing upward using fingers or a wide-tooth comb, then finishing it with some hairspray to set its form and keep the style intact.

Fohawk Spikes

Fohawk is a type of mohawk with broader and more spikier spikes than usual.

It stands out in any crowd and looks particularly striking when worn with a shadow or burst fade, creating a bold yet rugged machismo look.

Add extra drama using color – try ice blue, deep magenta, or grass green for added drama!

This punk hairstyle works best on natural-textured locks.

Opting for a mild styling product over heavy gel to avoid sticky or crunchy locks is key; otherwise, it will appear unnatural.

Even leaving some pieces undone for an earthier aesthetic would work.

Men who wish to showcase their necks, ears, and faces with an attractive hairstyle should try this unique and eye-catching hairdo.

Additionally, this spiky style works equally well on women with long or short locks, especially those with longer locks.