Black Hairstyles With Real Hair

Natural black hairstyles are timeless, versatile, and eye-catching. Whether you have short natural kinks, a long box braid style with layers, or an exquisite full Afro, there will surely be an ideal style to suit you!

Controversy Surrounding Black Women’s Natural Styles

Black women’s natural styles have long been met with controversy. Hyatt hotels fired female employees for wearing cornrows, while FedEx workers could be disciplined for sporting dreadlocks.

Coils with Blonde Tips

Black hairstyles that include braiding, twists, or cute puffs look sophisticated and stately while protecting it from external damage and keeping it healthy. Puffs with blonde tips are a creative and eye-catching style that will garner plenty of compliments from peers.

Tapered Short Natural Curls and Kinks

Short natural curls and kinks look even cuter when worn with face-framing middle parts and long side tendrils, creating a neat and round shape. They make for easy styling at home with little maintenance required!

Cute Sponge Twist Updo

A cute sponge twist updo is an elegant choice for black women with curly hair. This protective style can be enhanced with beads and other fun accessories for an adorable, timeless look. A high fade and line-up accent the top layer of curls while simultaneously creating an exciting contrast in lengths and textures – creating an attractive combination. A truly timeless trend!

Thick Bronze Curls

Your clients with shoulder-length curly hair or short crops can highlight its natural texture with bronze highlights to emphasize its charm further. The warm hue adds shine while also complementing their skin tone. Bronze hues work beautifully on medium brown hair and complement many curl patterns. Honey-bronze highlights can be combined with tawny brown lowlights for an eye-catching contrast look or add subtle baby lights for additional brightness and dimension. Bradley Leake, an award-winning celebrity stylist and colorist,, suggests adding subtle babylights to make your style stand out!

Gorgeous Long hair with Layers

Add layers to your natural kinks and curls for an effortlessly stylish look that’s easy to style. A blunt, choppy layer cut is excellent for long black hairstyles as it adds texture without removing their fullness or length; pair this look with soft blond balayage highlights to make it stand out. Another stunning way to wear a long layered haircut is with curtain bangs framing your face. This cute yet chic style works wonders for anyone who wishes to emphasize their facial features; gorgeous when your locks have natural waves or curls!

Half-Up Top Knot with Flat Twists

If you want a charming, protective style for your long locks, try creating a half-up top knot with flat twists running toward your crown. This elegant look makes an impression-making statement and is super-easy to achieve; be sure to use moderate curl cream so your strands stay moisturized and healthy!

Full Natural Afro Ponytail

If your kinky curls and coils are your pride and joy, show them off with this adorable hairdo. A deep side part adds an adorable asymmetry while keeping all eyes focused on your beautiful locks. A twisted out ‘fro will leave people staring with envy! If your afro is too short to form a full ponytail, don’t fret: still wear it in a half-up top knot! The volume at the crown will make your afro-pop, while its sleek lines contribute to its elegant appearance.

Pinup-Inspired Style with Wild Curls

Try this pinup-inspired style if you have short natural hair and want to add feminine flair. The pastel headwrap and front bump contrast beautifully against the wild curls at the top, creating an appealing contrast that works great for formal events or simply evening out with friends. Wear this adorable protective updo for added flair; pair it with a cute headband for even more glamorous flair!