Soccer Haircuts

Soccer players like Jesse Lingard and Lionel Messi make an impression with their bold hairstyles, often opting for an undercut fade with a rounded finish to stand out on the pitch. When selecting your barber for your cut, ask for one with this signature look. It’s an effortless look that suits oblong and diamond facial structures well, especially with blonde streaks added for added dimension.

Slicked Back

One of the classic soccer haircuts is a slick back. Easy to manage and looks great for casual and formal events alike, this style works with various facial structures and skin tones. Atletico Madrid player Antoine Griezmann stands as a prime example of this trend. He pairs a platinum blonde comb with high skin fade and a naturally brown colored beard to create an eye-catching appearance. Miguel Almiron, from Newcastle United midfielder, extensively utilizes this haircut. Combining a short back and sides with a sleek back creates an elegant style suitable for use on and off the pitch; this haircut works particularly well on those with straighter hair textures.


The Braids haircut is an eye-catching soccer style requiring minimal upkeep. It exudes classy intensity that will turn heads. Ideal for both formal and casual occasions alike, using quality pomade or gel is critical in maintaining its style. David Beckham popularized this style that combines an undercut with a quiff to create an eye-catching look, making it ideal for men who wish to look their best on and off the field. It provides men with an effective solution for looking their best during and after athletic events. This soccer style pairs nicely with a high skin fade and work exceptionally well for those with oval, triangle, or diamond-shaped faces. Additionally, this look pairs nicely with thick beards.


Soccer players garner much admiration for how they style their hair on the fly and are often on display for 90 minutes, making them the ideal candidates to showcase some of the trendiest haircuts in sports. One of the most modern looks today is a stylish undercut pompadour. Easy to maintain and suitable for all face shapes, Arsenal player Alexis Sanchez makes this style stand out with great flair. Gareth Bale adorns an exquisite long on top and short sides and back haircut, complete with tramlines added by his barber for an eye-catching style. Antoine Griezmann looks exquisite in his high skin fade and comb-over combination, sure to draw the gaze of any female who comes his way.

Man Bun

A man bun haircut is ideal for soccer players as it adds length while keeping hair neatly secured. Furthermore, this style is easy to maintain; use a firm hold pomade to control loose locks. A classic soccer style, the man bun can be worn with virtually any type of hairstyle. For an eye-catching style, try wearing your man bun with a side part featuring a spiky quiff on top – it looks both sexy and chic, sure to dazzle all who see you. Neymar is one of the sartorial trendsetters in football, and his off-field style echoes this popularity. He rocks an irreverent faux hawk framed by shaved sides for added panache in his signature look.

High Fade

Footballers understand the significance of the image is just as crucial to their game as their skill on it, so soccer players are constantly searching for new hairstyles to draw fans’ eye and interest in their performances on the pitch. One popular choice among them is a high fade haircut with an edgy quiff on top, which instantly turns heads around them. This style is ideal for soccer players looking for an effortless yet short and simple haircut yet still want some length in their locks for playing purposes. To achieve it, start your cut high above the temples, leaving some glossy distance at the crown for definition, and then use strong hold pomade to keep any loose ends under control.