How to Rock Peach Hair

Peach hair is a versatile shade that ranges from bold pink-orange hues to more subtle pastel tones like rose gold. Consider your skin undertones when choosing the right hue. Cooler undertones look best with orange-leaning shades. Peach hair requires extra maintenance, but the effort is worth it for a trendy and attractive appearance. Consult a colorist for the best care tips.

Peach Blonde

Try a peach blonde hair color for an effortless and feminine look. This shade has subtle pink tones that make it eye-catching. It suits dark and light blonde hair, enhances natural features, and stands out well on curly locks. Indie singer Willa Milner recently rocked a pearlescent peach shade achieved by combining rose red and peach dye.

Pastel colors and peach

Pastel colors are trending this summer, so adding a pop of pastel without going overboard is key. Create a dimension with a peach blonde balayage base and warmer tangerine highlights. Shoulder-length wavy strands complete this vibrant and feminine look.

Peach Red

For an edgy pastel hair color, choose the peach red shade. Add light balayage of darker orange and pale peach tones around the face for a stunning result. This shade looks perfect on medium skin tones.

Rosy Peach Hues

Blonde locks and green eyes pair beautifully with rosy peach hues. Long layered shoulder-length bobs with eyebrow-reaching bangs complement this combination. This delightful shade adds an extra charm to any hairstyle.

Peach for Brunettes and Redheads

Adding peach as an accent hue can enhance your hair color if you’re a brunette or redhead. Peach looks particularly striking on darker complexions, and multiple coloring sessions may be required to achieve the desired hue. Maintain the radiant glow using regular hair gloss, heat protectant spray, and proper care.

Peach Highlights

If you need more time to be ready to commit to all-over peach hair, try adding highlights as a test. Subtle pastel dyes provide a splash of color without overwhelming your natural shade. Dark peach highlights look fantastic against tanned skin.

Peach Ombre

Rock a peach ombre for a trendy look. This style is perfect for bob haircuts and can feature cotton candy hues or vibrant coral tones. It’s an excellent choice for those with pink complexions seeking to emphasize their freckles.

Peach-inspired Ombre for Dark Locks

Opt for a peach-inspired ombre if you prefer darker locks but don’t want to bleach them entirely. This shade suits medium skin tones and requires touch-ups every four weeks to avoid fading. Use color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and heat protectants for maximum protection of the new color.