Skunk Stripe hair Trends

Skunk stripe hair trends offer an eye-catching way to show your individuality. By adding a stripe of color, this trend draws attention and draws out features on your face that you might otherwise ignore.

Black and Emerald

Black and Emerald is an eye-catching color combination, ideal for creating various hairstyles. To achieve this look, dye your locks black before gradually fading to dark green shades such as moss, pine needle, or apple. This produces an effortless yet sophisticated appearance, perfect for work-from-home video conferences.

Blonde and Onyx

A striking combination of blonde and onyx is sure to turn heads. This color works exceptionally well on blondes and light brown locks, making it perfect for women with bob cuts or shoulder-length, softly waved locks.

Green and Black

The most beloved variation of this look is a green skunk stripe, which looks amazing with black hair and adds an element of contrast that brings out your face. Wavy or curly textures will significantly benefit from this shade, defining curl patterns while drawing attention to prominent facial features.

Raspberry and Black

Sugar and spice have had their day; now’s the time to show your sexy side with a bold pink skunk stripe! This vibrant hue adds an edge and fieriness, framing your face in alluring obsidian waves.

Skunk stripe hair trends from the 90s and 00s have returned with force! Wear it as whimsical curtain bangs, paralleled areas of contrasting color, or peek-a-boo styles in the back – the fun and flirty highlight will turn heads and backs.

Shop our skunk stripe lace front wigs to recreate this chic, nostalgic look! To achieve the desired effect, section off the area you wish to highlight and use gloves and a long-tail tint brush for the application of bleaching agents. Follow all processing instructions within the box dyeing to ensure safe and successful outcomes!