Layered Haircuts For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair naturally has texture and body, so layers emphasizing its waves cut look lighter. Furthermore, they reduce the need for blow-drying or straightening sessions and thus save both time and reduce heat damage to the locks.

Long Layers

Long layers are an excellent option for those with thicker, wavy locks who wish to add movement and volume to their style. Long layers look beautiful, whether worn straight down or styled into waves. If you want to accentuate or reshape your facial features or forehead and jawline, opt for soft face-framing layers near the eyebrows or cheekbones and work them into a V-shape design – these look especially striking when curling tresses naturally or curling them with rollers. This style works beautifully on medium to long strands that can be styled, blown out for fuller volume, or styled using a large round brush for an edgier finish. Use light holding spray for long-lasting hold or add color for additional dimension.

Short Layers

Using this layering technique, your stylist may add short layers to your wavy hair for a beach-inspired style. Curly locks respond exceptionally well as distributing weight evenly while shaping kinky locks without length reduction. Graduated cuts are another popular short-layer style. This method involves gradually cutting your layers on an angle for an unfeathered effect that adds movement and depth to any haircut. This layered haircut is suitable for women with naturally curly or straight hair who wish to add training and definition; or those looking for a textured style with dense ends that prevents too thick-looking ends from becoming visible. A choppy layered haircut stands out from other classes by being more striking and eye-catching, drawing more attention to your features. For optimal results, seek professional assistance for this type of cut to get your desired edgy shape. Wear them with bangs or leave them to hang freely for an anxious half-up/half-down look.

Side-Panel Layers

Wavy hair looks beautiful when styled with layers. Layers create texture, movement and accentuate facial structures while removing bulk from thick locks, making them lighter and more flexible. However, layering may not be appropriate if your locks have thin or delicate strands, as too much will likely come out and leave stringy ends behind. Ladies with medium-length wavy hair should try a layered haircut featuring side-paneled layers for a casual yet textured feel. Your stylist can feather them around your jawline, starting as high as possible for maximum attention to your features and eyes. Layered cuts are significant for women with curly locks as they will define and smooth out soft curls while decreasing frizz. Furthermore, adding layers can simplify styling and look fantastic paired with either a middle part or side-swept bangs.


Wavy hair naturally falls full and fuller, but layers can help improve its texture by adding dimension while decreasing bulk. Rihanna famously used long layers in her shoulder-length cut, giving it shape, movement, and an eye-catching silhouette. You will spend less time styling it and can extend the time between touch-ups as your cut will grow more uniformly. Layers and bangs go hand-in-hand, and are an essential part of creating an eye-framing shortcut. Choppy layers on a blunt bob can create an eye-catching style that’s easy to maintain with regular trims. If you don’t like full fringes, try curtain bangs instead – they will frame your face beautifully while cascading into waves without making an obvious statement. Pin them back when not needed or push them to one side when not wanted in your face; this layered haircut look works well on those with medium to long locks, though shorter cuts work equally well too!