Simple Long Haircuts

Long, simple haircuts can add elegance to your look effortlessly. If you have thin hair, try opting for a piece-y cut with long side bangs for volume and an edgy effect. Request that your stylist blend long layers with shorter ones to frame your face for an elegant and sophisticated style that works well with all facial structures.

Long Angled Haircut

An angled long bob haircut is a highly flattering and versatile style, suitable for all hair textures. This cut features a shorter back with gradually longer front sections. Additionally, this style has numerous variations, such as A-line or inverted angled bob styles, which can be worn with or without bangs. A classic blunt-angled bob is a timeless style that works beautifully on all hair colors. The sharp lines draw attention to your features and add an edge that sets this cut apart. For fine hair, a long angled bob with a slightly stacked nape can effectively add volume and thickness while being easy to manage. Add texture using balayage or highlights for additional impact!

Long Fringe

If you want a new look without giving up your long length, adding a fringe is needed to give you something fresh and different. Extended frames can be styled in many ways to complement almost every hairstyle imaginable, whether sweeping it to one side for chicness or pulling it up into a topknot when feeling seductive! Heart-shaped faces may benefit from having full fringes that skim the eyebrows as this style draws attention away from your cheekbones and emphasizes your eyes. Additionally, this look adds length and dimension to the face. To avoid greasy fringes, spray your hair regularly with dry shampoo from Dove, such as this product, to give your fringe body and dimension and avoid limpness and flatness.

Front Layered Haircut

If you want to upgrade your long hair, layering can add depth. They create volume for fine or thin locks while adding movement in curly or wavy locks. Layers also frame the face and draw attention to the eyes; bangs make this effect especially eye-catching! Miley Cyrus’ layered rock style has captured millions of fans over time. Showing your stylists photos of various types will help them understand your vision and provide the appropriate manner. Choppy layers work particularly well to add texture and volume to all hair colors, including brown.

Side Swept Bangs

A long layered haircut enhanced by wispy bangs is an elegant addition that will draw the eye directly towards features you wish to highlight while attenuating others. It suits any face shape or hair texture; middle-aged women can use this style without giving up the length. This classic fairy has soft and full side-swept bangs which frame her face beautifully, while its honey highlights create a youthful and energetic effect. This classic haircut is ideal for those with round facial structures, featuring layers that graze over the brow and end above one eye. Additionally, this cut makes an excellent option for thick or straight locks.

Short Layered Haircut

No matter the length or style of your hair, layered haircuts remain trendy. A layered haircut compliments nearly all facial structures, especially flattering on wavy textures, while being easy to maintain; just choose the appropriate cut and colors! An attractive choppy pixie haircut with straight bangs is ideal for creating the 1960s look and is also beneficial to thin-haired individuals who don’t want to sacrifice volume in their locks. An alternative style option is the layered shaggy bob. This haircut is easy to maintain and works for all facial structures; curly locks add volume and movement as it can be styled using pomade or texturizing spray.