Plum Hair – A Vibrant and Unexpected Hue

Plum hair offers a fun and unexpected hue. Plumber is sure to stand out because it comes in both subtle tones and bold ombre styles. Cool plum violet hues look lovely against light complexions, while warmer burgundy tones pair beautifully with darker ones. Use hair oil to preserve its vibrancy in between salon visits.

Healthy Scalp

Your scalp plays an integral part in making you look and feel healthy and deserves some TLC now and then. An unhealthy scalp can take many forms, just as unhealthy skin does. Having an oily scalp doesn’t necessarily indicate hair problems but could show improper care in managing it properly. Shampoos containing sulfates, silicones, and harsh detergents may lead to an oily scalp. In contrast, excessive styling with blow dryers, products containing blow dryers, or styling agents can leave it looking dry and brittle. Our UG Scalp Restore range features He Shou Wu extract, which has been shown to promote healthy hair. Combined with Cupuacu Butter extract, this combination provides optimal moisture retention to promote healthier-looking locks.

Strong Hair

Plums contain essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair, including iron, which improves blood circulation to the scalp, thus helping prevent hair loss. Their rich source of nutrients makes plums an especially essential choice for women with naturally textured strands. The proper haircare routine can keep them strong and healthy, so you’ll always look your best when wearing any plum hue! Purple tones come in various shades, ensuring something perfect for every skin and hair tone combination. For instance, light-skinned individuals with dark brown locks could opt for an intense plum hue with cool blue undertones or warm up the look by selecting a deeper burgundy plum shade highlighting red in their locks. If your natural hair texture is an issue when applying a new color, ask your stylist to lighten the strands before using your chosen plum shade. This will ensure the color lasts as long as possible while still looking great.

Thick Hair

Plum hair is an eye-catching shade that demonstrates your bold personality. Perfect for thick strands as it helps emphasize volume, you can play around with different textures and lengths to find your ideal style – creating a braided half-down style suitable for formal occasions, for instance! If plum isn’t quite your shade, try opting for something with warm undertones, like burgundy, which works beautifully on all hair types, blending warm and cool undertones to suit every skin tone perfectly! Women with fair complexions tend to avoid bright colors, but dark eggplant plum can be the ideal hue. With warm undertones that complement blue or green eyes and its deep, alluring shade, dark eggplant plum is sure to turn heads. Plus, black strands look beautiful wearing this hue! To prolong its stay and ensure maximum impact from its beauty, balayage can blend it perfectly into natural shades seamlessly, which should only happen with professional stylists!

Shiny Hair

Plum hair offers an attractive natural look that will catch people’s eyes. Depending on shade and undertones, the hue can either have cool or warm tones. For instance, a dark plum shade with red undertones will look warm and vibrant, while magenta-plum ombre can feature both cool and warm tones for a versatile finish. Add dimension and shine to a dark-colored mane by asking your stylist for plum lowlights as an eye-catching contrast against its dark hues. They can be added around your face or throughout your locks for an eye-catching salon-finished shine that looks radiantly healthy. To maintain that vibrant shade, try conditioning treatments such as L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Instant Resurfacing Masque with gold quinoa to nourish and deeply nourish each strand. Add highlights of a light plum shade to make your burgundy hair pop and bring out its inherent vibrancy, as this will bring a welcome splash of color that brings life and life-giving energy into your complexion and eyes.