Simple Elegant Hairstyles For Girls

Women and girls of all ages love grand, stylish looks, but others prefer something simpler yet elegant – which is where these simple, elegant hairstyles come into play. These stylish yet comfortable pieces are an excellent accompaniment to any dress or skirt and are suitable for use during winter and monsoon seasons.

Sock Bun

Sock buns are an adorable hairstyle perfect for adding flair and femininity to any look, be it casual or formal. Easy to create with only scissors and an elastic ponytail band required; for added support, try adding hair gel or hairspray as needed to hold it all together. Start by cutting off the toe of a pair of socks to form a long tube. Next, roll it down toward the base of your ponytail until it forms a donut shape. Make sure the hair covers all parts of the sock and ensures an even distribution across it if your locks are thin; alternatively, teasing or spraying medium-hold hairspray may help hold its shape more firmly.

Braided Bun

A braided bun adds an effortless and modern touch to traditional updos. It can be customized for different looks, from beachy beach waves to formal updos drenched in hairspray for special events. This stunning style is both beautiful and versatile! To create this look, begin with a low ponytail and then French-braid the two strands until they reach behind your ears, switching over to regular braiding when going behind them and finishing it off with an elastic hair tie when near the end. Add texture by applying texturizing powder or dry shampoo and pulling apart braid plaits gently to loosen and broaden them – this adds volume and dimension, creating a stunning braided bun that looks stunning on thick and thinner hair textures.

Low Bun

Low buns are timeless hairstyles appropriate for formal events and everyday casual activities with friends. Add simple accessories such as pearl pins and flowers to elevate your look further. This stunning style is ideal for bridesmaids or anyone needing to get ready quickly yet still appear polished. Additionally, its volume-boosting effect provides extra volume and texture. This elegant bun is an easy and stylish way to show off your natural beauty. Perfect for shoulder-length hair, it makes a striking impression both at weddings and running errands – don’t forget to add an accent with something sparkly such as a sparkly headband or loose pieces of hair for more playful effects!

Side Twist

This twisted style effectively adds volume to natural hair, providing the ideal combination of volume and sleekness. Easy and classy in equal measure, it suits women of all age groups and formal occasions. To create this twisted style, part your hair in the middle and select one thick strand from either of the larger sides to twist and pin at the back of your head – for an elegant hairstyle perfect for formal events such as slim-fit dresses. Add an eye-catching flair to your flat twists by styling them with a zig-zag part for added pizazz. This face-framing style will surely elevate your elegance, whether worn long, short Havana, passion, or rope twist styles – or try two-tone styles to give them even more dimension!