Celebrities With Auburn Hair

Redheads only comprise around two percent of the population, yet these striking hues have become increasingly visible among celebrities such as Jessica Chastain. Her strawberry blonde locks helped launch her to stardom with roles like The Help and Interstellar. Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale is known for her eye-catching flaming locks. Other celebrities with auburn locks include Alyson Hannigan and Sophie Turner (known for playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and the X-Men film franchise, respectively).

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore may dye her hair red for specific roles, but her natural hue remains reddish-pink, and she boasts an alluring persona to match. Moore first earned national attention through her longstanding role as Frannie Hughes on As the World Turns, earning herself a Daytime Emmy Award. Since then, Moore has appeared in films such as Short Cuts and Safe. Moore later made her mark as Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs remake, in addition to appearing in Non-Stop and Carrie – two films she also co-starred in.

Amy Adams

American actress Jessica Chastain boasts lush red hair. She wears it styled with a tipped fringe and long layers below her shoulders; this look perfectly matches her dark complexion and green eyes. Junebug (2005) saw her starring as an independent film actress before being nominated for an Academy Award nomination as Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in Catch Me If You Can in 2002. Later, she would go on to portray a con artist in American Hustle and, later still, an AI in Spike Jonze’s Her. She earned critical acclaim as Margaret Keane in Big Eyes (2014) and Lois Lane in DC’s films Man of Steel and Justice League (2016).

Debra Messing

Debra Messing has long favored red hair color to accentuate her features and recede any blemishes into the background. Her red strands give a youthful boost that helps draw focus away from any imperfections she may suffer. Luke and Rona spent over six hours perfecting Debra’s curls on set to achieve her television screen appearance. Her natural medium/dark ash brunette strands were transformed into stunning ringlets by applying red hues that complement Debra’s natural medium/dark brunette hue. Offset, Debra favors looser curls with casual looks for casual outings and sleek looks for Red Carpet appearances. Her go-to trend for Red Carpet appearances is center parting, which allows her beautiful red locks to flow around her shoulders in style.

Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson, best known as Mrs. Doubtfire from Miracle on 34th Street and Matilda fame, didn’t leave acting behind after 13 as some might expect. Growing up in Burbank, California–an industry hub–Wilson believes our society builds child actors only for us to crush them later. She vividly remembers one traumatic moment: being forced to dance with a boy at a teen disco. Following that experience, she decided to turn instead to writing and has since achieved great success in the literary world. She chronicled her journey in Good Girls Don’t. Additionally, she stars on 13 Reasons Why as Kahlan Amnell.

Isla Fisher

Red hair tends to fade faster than any other hue, but with proper maintenance and products designed for colored hair – such as shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates – you can keep red locks looking radiant. Sanger recommends choosing a reddish shade with “incredibly warm and rich tones, like copper itself.” Try adding golden or rose gold highlights to a medium-brown auburn base for an elegant light ombre effect. These warm tones create dimension and brightness to frame your face beautifully. Be bold with a fiery red or rust auburn hue for maximum impact, according to Dawson. He recommends this statement color that will draw all eyes in and complement a variety of skin tones.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has always had naturally red hair, even as a blonde actress. For the Perfect magazine cover shoot, Nicole rocked long red locks down and straight with super short side bangs that looked absolutely amazing. She paired a cropped pastel graphic Diesel tank top, which revealed her incredible arms, with a micro mini gray skirt that barely covered her thighs and crossed in front. She is married to country singer Keith Urban and has two biological daughters. Recently, the actress returned to her roots with a sweet strawberry blonde hue.