The Side Part Haircut

A Timeless and Versatile Style

A side-part haircut is a timeless, classic style that can be worn for any event and suits virtually every style. The side part is perfect whether you want a casual look or a more stylish appearance with added shine and sheen. Comb your hair to one side and secure it with gel or pomade to achieve this look. Try styling it into a quiff or pompadour for added height and volume.

Professional and Stylish

The side part haircut is an excellent choice for businessmen who want to exude professionalism. It has a neat and authoritative appearance that works well with suits and ties. To achieve this look, your top hair should be approximately 2 to 4 inches long, while the sides should have shorter locks with fades or tapers to achieve the desired style. For the best results, you can use gel for a wet look finish or pomade to create a matte texture.

Casual or Classy

A side-part haircut can be casual and classy, depending on your style. For a simple appearance, comb straight across. For formal looks, try creating a pompadour or brushing it sideways. You may use high-quality pomade or hair wax to keep your style in place during the day to achieve sleek results. The low-maintenance side part adapts perfectly to your preferences and hair length.

Effortless and Easy to Style

The side part is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve and requires minimal upkeep. Comb out your locks, apply some gel or pomade, and style as usual for maximum effect. Whether you prefer a retro ’50s flair or a contemporary sleekness, the side part is the perfect choice. It is versatile yet low maintenance, perfect for any special event or gathering.

Timeless and Long-lasting

The side part is a timeless look that always stays in style. It is effortlessly stylish, easy to style, and goes well with casual and formal attire. You can wear it with a soft, natural look or be heavily styled with gel or pomade. To achieve the classic look, start with towel-dried and damp hair, apply a small amount of your preferred product, and comb through. Wet-look pomades or matte finishes are excellent choices. Sweep back all your remaining hair on one side, and use hairspray to secure the style for long-lasting wear.

Effortless All-Day Style

The timeless side part is the way to go for an effortless all-day style. It is easy to style and flattering for all face shapes. You only need some hair pomade or styling gel to keep it in place and add texture. This haircut features a softly brushed-back top with a sharp side part for a distinct division. The low fade adds height and an elegant finish, making it perfect for stylish yet low-maintenance styles.

A Modern Take on a Classic

This modern take on the classic side part is sure to turn heads. Pushing up into a pompadour style with mid-faded sides results in a striking yet sophisticated look. It works well for men with long or medium-length hair and suits any beard style. This look is especially suitable for men with long or medium-length locks and complements those sporting beards.