Dont Touch My Hair

Solange’s song, Don’t Touch My Hair, addresses microaggressions in race relations. While non-Black people may see touching Black hair as harmless, it can cause harm and hurt feelings among Black individuals.

Robinson’s book tackles many topics with humor and insight.

Robinson’s book covers various topics with humor and insight. These include being a “black friend,” her love for U2, and the stereotypes she faces daily.

Personal Space

Aria loves it when her friends and family admire her unique and beautiful locks. However, their admiration sometimes leads to unwanted touching of her hair. While Aria appreciates their affection and curiosity, it can feel awkward when people touch her hair without permission. Aria tries running away in different settings, but the attention doesn’t stop. Cultural differences make defining personal space challenging. Teaching children about personal space is essential, and this book offers a playful approach.


Respect is an essential concept in everyday thought and moral philosophy. However, people often question what it means. Respect involves showing deference to things we believe deserve it. This includes admiration, kindness, forgiveness, and protective actions. Clarifying the meaning and scope of respect is essential.


Empathy helps understand others’ emotions and perspectives. It can facilitate discussions, change outcomes, reduce burnout, and minimize misunderstandings. There are two forms of heart: affective and cognitive. Affective empathy allows us to feel what others experience. Sympathy involves understanding what someone else is going through. Empathy is crucial for connecting with and understanding others better.


hair is delicate, and touching it can damage or expose one to germs. Strangers touching Black people’s hair without permission is uncomfortable and reminds them of historic abuse and oppression. Teaching children about personal boundaries and consent can help address this issue. The book Don’t Touch My hair by Sharee Miller provides an entertaining story while teaching these important lessons.