5 Celebrity Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hair Over 50

Though women over 50 often assume they must cut their hair short, numerous stylish medium-length hairstyles that suit women well. From pin-straight bobs ironed pin-straight to wavy shags with layers and bangs featuring layers for volume enhancement – celebrity-inspired styles demonstrate shoulder-length hair can still look chic no matter the age!

Enhance your natural hair color with this sophisticated shoulder-length look

Featuring a layered bob and wispy bangs to frame the face beautifully, this hairstyle is perfect for women over 50 who want to enhance their natural hair color.

Shag Haircut

A shaggy haircut is a timeless and stylish option for women over 50. It provides a classic and chic appearance and works well for those with thin hair. Medium-length shags can work on various hair types, adding texture and volume to the look.


Sleek bobs are a timeless choice for women over 50. This classic cut sits just below the chin and frames the face gracefully. It avoids overexposure caused by some pixie cuts and adds feminine and seductive characteristics with curly ends.


Medium-length wavy hairstyles showcase naturally curly strands or thick locks. Layered bobs with face-framing waves create a stylish and effortless look for shoulder-length hair over 50. Warm blonde highlights can add depth and dimension.


Wispy bangs add face-framing movement and feminine appeal to medium hairstyles. They draw attention to the eyes and can be styled with any textured or undone updo for a carefree and youthful feel. Shaggy curtain bangs or shoulder-grazing fringe offer more dramatic options.

Remember to regularly trim these popular styles like shags, mullets, and wolf cuts. For a more conservative approach, shoulder-grazing fringe provides a stylish look without the commitment. Thick curly hair can be further customized with highlights and lowlights.