Make a Statement With a hair Cut For Men Short


If you want to make a statement, a short haircut for men is the perfect choice. This style is easy to manage, and you can achieve it yourself using medium or high hold pomade. The front of the  is left longer than the back. Keeping the back shorter than the front is the key to this style. Use a small amount of pomade and scrunch the top sections to reveal texture. During the day, you can apply a small amount of mousse to keep thatcut looking fresh.

hair Cut For Men Short


Short haircuts are very popular for men nowadays. These cuts are often slick or quiff-like, with the length remaining the same on both sides. Some barbers also offer point cut designs, which adds extra movement and texture to the hair. The best thing about these haircuts is that they are very versatile and will suit any type of hair. To achieve the desired look, you can always ask your barber for a point cut.