A Short Wedge Haircut Looks Sexy and Chic on Any Woman

Short wedge haircuts are stylish and attractive for any woman. Wear this layered style with longer bangs to frame your face for a sophisticated and feminine look. This hairstyle recalls the fashion popular during the ’70s, with soft layers to flatter facial structure and bold blonde highlights for added oomph and glamour.

Tapered Wedge Haircut

The tapered wedge haircut is an attractive style for women with fine hair. It creates the illusion of more volume without using any styling products and also draws out any pastel tones in your locks, making this style suitable for light blonde or pastel tones. If you’re searching for an edgier spin on the classic wedge cut, try this variation that features long front layers and a slight nape undercut – it is sure to turn heads and create an eye-catching hairstyle!

Asymmetrical Wedge Haircut

Women looking for volume in their style often turn to layered wedge cuts as a solution. However, the layers should be moderate to avoid weighing down the hair and looking dense. If opting for this look, ask your stylist to add balayage highlights in front to lighten up and lessen its overall weight. A messy wedge cut is an enjoyable and stylish way to experiment with your style while remaining classic and sophisticated. The volume-increasing waves add volume, while its deep ash-blonde color keeps things classy.

Stacked Inverted Wedge Haircut

A stacked inverted wedge haircut is a variation on the classic wedge cut that works particularly well for ladies with curly locks, helping create more volume at the crown and framing their features beautifully with swoopy layers. Additionally, this style can be worn in multiple ways for customized results tailored to each person’s preferences. An added deep side part can add height and texture to a short, stacked, inverted wedge haircut, helping lift its appearance and give more volume and dimension to your locks. Balayage or highlights also add subtle dimension, making your color pop further.

Edgy Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut is an eye-catching style suitable for all hair textures and lengths, offering versatility in placement, angle, and fringe options. The result will be an eye-catching feminine style that will turn heads! Add an edge to this style with long layers in the front to give the illusion of thicker and fuller locks, which is especially beneficial for women with thin strands. Add depth by pairing this look with deep side parts and bangs for a Parisian touch before finishing it off with sun-kissed blonde highlights for an eye-catching wedge haircut!

No matter which style you opt for – an asymmetrical wedge haircut or a pixie cut – no one does it wrong! Consult a professional stylist to select an amount explicitly tailored to your face shape and hair type. With inspiration and guidance from an experienced hairstylist, you can proudly wear this style!