Cute African American Hairstyles

Cute African American hairstyles always look fabulous, whether short and sleek or long and curly. A recent trend includes natural fros as trendy high fashion styles. Slick-back bobs are another stylish look perfect for African Americans with naturally thick locks. Add an accent of color or make the class even more shimmering by applying shimmering gloss for additional shine.

Long Frizzy Curls

An elegant raven hairdo calls for a full mop of curls with side-parted ringlets that frame the face; adding some color will only enhance this style further.

When your child has thick, curly locks, try styling them into a high ponytail using hair oil to keep the tail sleek and manage any baby hairs that may come loose.

Your daughter doesn’t need long hair for you to look still chic; create twin pigtails secured with cute hair ties. For children with medium to long locks, create box braids with their ends rolled back into French braids for an eye-catching style that adds dimension and texture.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a cute African American half-up hairstyle that can be made more creative by adding decorative details like gold hair strings or even hair cuffs. Some prefer creating patterns in their knots, while others add color through an ombre effect or contrast in hue for an up-to-date fashion statement.

Bantu knots can add texture to any style, from locs to braids; wear them for date nights or parties with friends; use a light leave-in conditioner or hydrating oil regularly and cover them at night using silk bonnets for optimal care.


Cornrows are the ideal hairstyle to add cultural character and protection for cute afro hair, providing an elegant style. This protective style can also easily be maintained over multiple weeks using curl-enhancing gel. Choose your colors accordingly to make cornrows pop for a bold effect, or follow Fulani styling by following straight lines of cornrows for an elegant finish.

If your toddler still needs more time to get their locks dreadlocked or cornrowed, try a puff-up look that works well with type 4 hair. It’s simple yet beautiful – plus,, you can add fun accessories to enhance its beauty.

Box Braids

Box braids can be ideal for girls who wish to keep their hair out of their face but don’t enjoy tying it up in ponytails and top knots. SheaMoisture Moringa