Short pastel pink hair

Cute and Feminine Hairstyles For Medium Length and Short Hair

– Pastel pink hair dye is trendy among millennials.

– Medium length and short hair can look beautiful with pastel pink hair.

– Light blonde hair mixed with muted pink highlights creates an eye-catching ombre effect.

– Regular salon visits and special conditioners are needed to maintain the pink hair color.

Rose Pink Bob

– A rounded bob with longer strands in the front and wavy framing creates a beautiful and feminine look.

– Gold nails can be added for an unforgettable style.

Pink and Purple Ombre

– A choppy bob style features faded pastel pink hair transitioning from gray roots to platinum tips.

– Balayage underneath adds contrast and dimension to the hairstyle.

Unicorn Lob

– Dark brown hair looks great with a baby pink hue, proving that light pink tones work well on dark skin tones.

Watermelon Pink Haircut

– Watermelon pink hair color is a more subdued alternative to neon pink.

– It complements fair skin tones and offers a fantastic statement piece.

Peachy Ombre Effect

– Dyeing strands a pastel pink shade with subtle peach undertones creates a stylish ombre effect.

– The natural-looking effect is achieved by blending pink into natural blonde locks.

Blue and Pink Combination

– Adding blue to pastel pink locks adds depth and dimension to the hairstyle.

– This style works for any event and can be paired with a flower crown for a Woodstock-esque aesthetic.

Tousled Pink Haircut

– Light blonde locks can be colored pastel pink for an adorable and girly look.

– Pastel pink can be an accent shade or an all-over color with natural brown roots.

Pastel Peach Hair Color

– If not ready for pink, try a pastel peach hair color for a nostalgic hue that complements all complexions.

– This works well on short bob haircuts with deep side partings.

Mermaid Hair Trend

– Pastel pink, blue, and green colors create a sea-inspired mermaid hair trend.

– Color-safe hair products are recommended for maintaining this look.

Hot Pink Haircut

– Soft and feminine pastel pink strands are highlighted in this cute hairstyle.

– The low-maintenance bob is suitable for girls who like to switch up their style often.

Pink Ombre Style

– Medium-length locks are ideal for bright-hued styles.

– This pink ombre style transitions from creamy blonde to deep rose pink strands in the front, with face-framing ribbons in the back.

Pink Strands with Dark Roots

– Pink strands with dark roots create a striking look, especially on medium and olive skin tones.

– Mermaid pink hairstyles are an excellent choice for those wanting to channel their inner Poseidon.

Pink Blonde Haircut

– Pink hair looks stunning on blondes, especially with balayage application.

– Light peachy pink blends with wheat-toned lighter tones for an attractive and sophisticated style.

Romantic Pastel Pink Hues

– Pastel pink hues look romantic on fair skin tones but can also be tried on darker locks.

– This masterpiece shows that stunning pink hair color can be achieved without appearing flashy.

Lilac Pink Strands on Angled Bob

– Gorgeous lilac pink strands on an angled bob create a stunning look.

– The silky hue fades gradually into warm copper blonde, complementing the curls reminiscent of mermaid-like locks.