Short Older Hairstyles

As we get older, our hair may become thinner. A gorgeous short haircut can add volume and lift spirits as we enter a new phase in life. A classic chin-length bob is a timeless for women of any age, especially after 50. Pair it with softening bangs to soften and frame your features and eyes.

Straight Bob

The straight bob is a timeless hairstyle, particularly among older women. This timeless hairstyle creates an effortlessly polished yet feminine and lovely appearance while remaining age appropriate. Ideal for curly and wavy locks but can also work well on straight locks for added texture and shape.

Add colored peek-a-boo highlights to your bob for a fresh and playful update. This option is great if you want to avoid committing to full head color, or need an extra splash of color in your bob. A layered bob with side-parted bangs is a sophisticated and fashionable hairstyle for older women, perfect for adding volume to thin locks with its layers. Pair this hairstyle with warm blonde tones for a natural-looking shimmer.

Wavy Bob

Wavy bobs can be an ideal way to avoid the flattening effect of blunt cuts while creating face-framing layers around the chin area. Achieve this stunning style by choosing between a short pixie cut with soft waves on its ends or more extended versions that land around the shoulders.

This wavy texture of this bob haircut looks elegant and feminine against its light blonde hue, making this style suitable for day or evening wear.

Balayage highlights add depth and dimension to a wavy bob, creating a stunning color that complements all skin tones, including tan ones. If you want something bold, go for purple-pink for an eye-catching and eye-catching look – perfect for beach days and evening dinner dates.

Spiky Short Haircut

Spiky hairstyles for mature women are among the most stylish options for an easy yet sophisticated look. By adding just a bit of hair gel, pixie cuts can become stunning spiky styles that exude fun and flirty character.

A spiky short haircut can make women appear younger and full of personality, while at the same time being easy to style and maintain. It’s also ideal for those seeking a style they can easily manage themselves.

This spiky pixie hairstyle features a mid fade and neat spikes for an attractive and fashionable look. Pair this style with a chin beard and subtle mustache to complete the look! Additionally, regular washing with moisturizing shampoo should help ensure healthy locks.

Side-Swept Bob

An appealing haircut can make you feel feminine and confident, especially with vibrant colors. Try something like this light blonde hue in combination with a long bob with side-swept bangs; it will bring attention to your eyes and features.

A classic bob is an ideal option for older women with thin hair. Easy to maintain and versatile in styling options, a classic bob allows you to show off your facial features by framing them or adding highlights for depth and dimension.

A chin-length bob can look elegant and sophisticated when styled with texture pieces and feathered side-swept bangs to add sophistication and hide broad foreheads. Ask your stylist for this style if you have fine hair and need volume!

Pixie Haircut

Pixie cuts are iconic short older hairstyles renowned for being straightforward and sophisticated. A sleek pixie-like Viola Davis can beautifully envelop your face while gracefully hiding wrinkles. Or for thin-haired people looking for something longer with side-swept bangs like Mad Men actress Randee Heller. Her look features layers that lengthen outward, making it an effortless style with just a dab of pomade.

Textured pixie cuts can add character and define your individuality with style. Phylicia Rashad’s ice-blonde textured pixie looks bold and seductive, yet its subtle layers allow it to be pulled back for more elegant occasions when necessary. You can wear this hairstyle either curled or straight, depending on your preferences.