Haircuts For Big Cheeks

If you have big cheeks, an easy way to make them appear slimmer with the appropriate haircut can be achieved through hair styling techniques. A trendy style such as this will showcase your facial features more efficiently and boost your confidence immediately.

Face-framing curtain bangs

Face-framing curtain bangs look fabulous on any woman but are incredibly flattering on square-shaped faces. This style adds height and volume to the crown area and can be styled over one side or parted down the center for maximum versatility.

Long bob with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are an ideal style choice for women with long hair as they provide face-framing benefits and draw the eye toward cheekbones. Plus, their easy styling lets you pin back any unwanted sections should the need arise! Curtain bangs work best on wavy or curly locks, but you may also experiment with different textures.

Long bob haircut for slim cheeks

Those with chubby faces can benefit from wearing long bob haircuts to slim their cheeks down and create a younger appearance. Length can range anywhere between chin to collar bone depending on personal taste; additionally, you can style it with side swept bangs or more full fringes for additional variation.

A-line bob

If you want a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle, consider opting for a bob with curtain bangs. This versatile look flatters all face shapes and can be worn with any hair color, though gray shades complement most skin tones more seamlessly than brighter hues.

A-line bob for face-framing

If you want a face-framing style with short hair, try an A-Line Bob. A thermal protectant and soft balayage highlights are great ways to give this style its natural aesthetic, and fine hair may benefit most from this look. Perfect for the girl who wants her locks simple yet still stylish!

Layered wolf cut

The layered wolf cut is an updated take on the classic shag cut that adds height, volume, and texture. While this look works for all face shapes and hair types, those blessed with more natural texture or volume tend to find it most flattering. Daily styling of your fine locks may be required if you attempt this style successfully.

Add face-framing tendrils to your wolf-cut

Ask your stylist to add face-framing tendrils to your wolf cut to make it flattering. Choose either lighter highlights for an on-trend look or go bold with red peekaboo highlights for maximum impact.

Choppy layers for your face shape

Choppy layers require expert hands, as their precise length depends on your face shape. Therefore, you should only work with experienced hairdressers to create this style. Also, consider taking photos to help your stylist better understand what look you are going for.

Medium-length haircuts for long faces

For women with long faces, various haircuts can flatter them. The key is balancing out your look with volume and face-framing layers that accentuate cheekbones – like this gorgeous strawberry blonde bob which combines three popular trends into one look, featuring long layers that draw the eye upward and draw attention away from chin line and jawline, further slimming power is provided by its smoky side part!

Layered shag for full faces

This layered shag veers away from smooth, blunt lines by employing a choppy texture that breaks up visual weight on top. Feathered bangs reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett feature feathered bangs that curve inward at the cheekbones to emphasize prized features while lengthening your overall look. Furthermore, its shoulder-skimming length subdues any visual bulk under the chin and makes this style extra slimming for full faces.