Short Hairstyles For Frizzy Hair

Low Crop

Whether you are transitioning out of a scissor crop or want more length on top, this haircut is for you. Perfectly suitable for curly locks with ease of styling and maintenance, grab some Redken Brews Clean Gel hair gel to give the desired sleek, spiked effect. Try combining low fade hair design for an eye-catching and unique style. Bonus points if it works with all short haircuts – buzz cuts or crew cuts alike! If you want to try something fresh and contemporary, why not try the quiff? This hairstyle combines elements from older styles like flattop and pompadour into one modern look that suits all men while only needing minimal upkeep. It can look fantastic on all men!

Long Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob with textured layers offers an effortless style that’s easy to style, highlighting your natural texture and making an impressive statement about who you are. Perfect for thicker locks, this style looks fabulous on women with all types of locks! A layered bob is easily enhanced by adding highlights and lowlights, creating the ideal combination of colors. Try balayage for a natural-looking sun-kissed effect or copper highlights for contrast that beautifully complements your dark brown base color. Make an impactful statement with a long, choppy, shaggy bob, perfect for framing your face and adding rebellious charm. This hairstyle is often seen on fashionistas and can be worn with bangs or without. Create drama by using deep side parting or try it with middle parting for more balanced and symmetrical results.

Chunky Bangs

A chunky haircut can help hide frizz while creating an eye-catching style. Plus, its layered cut makes adding subtle highlights easy – giving you complete customization over your look! Long wavy hair with a side-swept fringe is another fantastic style for short, curly locks, as it allows your natural curls to take full effect. Perfect for an active woman who needs something effortless but stylish out of the locker room shower! Curly bangs look adorable when left a bit messy. A loose aesthetic helps strands accentuate density for an ultramodern style; to achieve it successfully, you should let your coils fall naturally before fluffing them up with your fingertips when dry.

Shoulder-Length Chignon

Please make the most of your curly locks’ unique texture with an elegant shortcut highlighting them, such as this shoulder-length chignon. Pixie cuts and bobs are timeless options, but this contemporary shoulder-length style offers another intriguing opportunity perfect for daily wear – its folded and rolled elements create a fascinating technique that pairs beautifully with open-back dresses! Soft curls help disguise frizz, making it less noticeable, while helping reduce volume for a more flattering look. Furthermore, a quick wash-and-go routine can easily maintain this low-maintenance style. Add anti-frizz products to this chignon to keep flyaways under control throughout the day, adding a dainty flower or hair accessory for extra charm. This short to medium-length hairdo is great for special events and can elevate any ensemble, from everyday casual wear to formal.

Textured Layers

Curly hair often means dealing with frizz, but the right haircut can help tame it. For girls with soft, loose curls, opt for a short layered bob that frames the face and ends below your ears – then add texture-enhancing spray for an attractive, texturized finish. Consider trying the square layer cut popularized by singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko for full-textured strands. This style works well on wavy and curly locks and slows down your facial structure. For an even bolder style, try opting for a faux bob cut – cherry red frockhawk cuts are an easy and stylish way to show off long ringlets in dark brown color. Not only are these cuts easy to style, but they’re also bold ways to show off your locks!