How to Get the James Dean haircut

Want to channel the rebellious look of James Dean? Check out these Styles, Products, and Tricks to get the perfect quiff! And don’t forget to wear a T-shirt for the ultimate Dean look! If you want to channel the rebellious style of James Dean, you can even channel the look yourself! Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to get the perfect James Dean haircut. Follow these tips and you’ll look like a rock star!

Styles that channel Dean’s rebellious look


For an effortlessly rebellious look, try the white T-shirt. James Dean popularized the white T-shirt, which was previously considered undergarment, and turned it into the backbone of hyper-casual wear. While you may not normally wear a T-shirt on its own, this essential piece will make any ensemble complete. Wearing it with a pair of jeans and a leather strapped watch is a classic look.


James Dean embodied a new teen look that was largely influenced by his role in the 1950s film, Rebel Without a Cause. The ’50s saw the emergence of denim as a rebel wardrobe and popularized by icons such as Dean. Besides denim, Dean’s ensemble also showcased youth style in Hollywood, a time when a lot of parents wore conservative clothes.

Products to use for a quiff like Dean’s


A medium-sized comb is a must-have to get the perfect quiff, and you should always use a hold spray to set your hairstyle. You don’t want hair that is dry and cracks at the tips of your fingers. Then, you can use a styling wax to make the quiff look shiny and perfect. Once you have the quiff you’ve always wanted, you can now start styling it with these products.


One product that can help you achieve the quiff you’ve always wanted is pomade. This product works well for curly hair and helps create edgy quiff styles. It adds volume and holds in place all day without damaging your hair. Apply a small amount to the base of the hair to give it extra volume. You can then blow-dry the hair in the opposite direction to create insane lift.

Getting a quiff like Dean


How to get a quiff like James Dean requires a little bit of work. First, you need to make sure your hair is clean. Use a men’s shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip it of natural oils and textures. This will help it hold its style better and last longer. To achieve a James Dean-like quiff, you should aim for longer locks, so you can create more volume.


The quiff is a timeless hairstyle that has been popularized by actors like James Dean and Elvis. You can achieve this look yourself if you have medium-length hair and tapered sides. Ask your barber to start by snipping your top hair, gradually tapering it backwards. This will create a classic look that shows balance and a clean hairline. You should also have a barber trim your sides to a level that makes your hair look longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Wearing a T-shirt to channel Dean’s look


In 1950’s America, James Dean became an icon of youth rebellion and social anarchy. His rebellious style and streamlined outfits made him a fashion icon in his own time. During this era, movie stars had to dress in certain ways, and wearing jeans and a T-shirt was considered defiance in high society. The young actor briefly became engaged to the well-to-do Italian actress Pier Angeli, but her mother called off the wedding because she was uncomfortable with Dean’s attire.


A white T-shirt with a polo neckline can channel Dean’s look and complement the jeans and loafers that he was known to wear. Knitwear was another way to channel the star’s look and you can do the same too! The late actor wore knitwear extensively, and many of his photographs were taken in this style. The black mock-turtleneck jacket worn by Dean in the 1954 photo shoot for LIFE magazine is a prime example of how he styled the polo shirt.