5 Asian Curly Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Like a Princess

Princess’s hair doesn’t always need long, sleek curls; loose, light Asian curly locks can also look pretty.

This hairstyle pairs beautifully with medium-length bangs. Use a thickening spray before curling your hair for better curl retention. This helps your locks hold onto their curls better!

Short Ombre Look

Asian hair is beautiful in its own right, but adding color can only heighten its beauty further. Copper balayage adds warmth to each strand with warm hues that perfectly match their natural base color – this high-contrast coloring technique works for most types and tones of hair and skin tones. Try a modern bowl cut featuring short strands at the nape combined with long ones on either side, popular among influencers and supermodels. Perfect for adding texture, this look makes an impressionful statement about who you are while still delivering feminine style! Pair this style with face-framing bangs to complete this chic, feminine hairstyle that will turn heads.

Loose Curls

Loose curls can add an eye-catching twist to your style and create an irresistibly flirty aesthetic. Combine this sweet hairstyle with an eye-catching top and side bangs to highlight your gorgeous highlights. If you have very straight Asian hair, a thickening spray may help extend the longevity of your curls all day long. Just let the rush set before taking out your hair pins! Genetics shapes a person’s hair thickness, texture, and curl pattern. People of biracial heritage often possess multiple hair textures and curl patterns, making caring for their locks even more complicated.

Bandana Hairstyle

Or, try this funky bandana hairstyle instead! Perfect for teenagers and young women in their 20s looking for an unconventional yet feminine style, this Asian hairstyle requires having one side longer than the other so as not to expose too much scalp. If your short curls keep getting in your eyes, try this adorable bandana look to keep them out. Dye them burgundy for a lovely country chic aesthetic before tying a printed bandana around their ends for a cute style.

Princess Look

Princess-inspired hair doesn’t necessarily require long braided locks; loose waves or curls that frame your face can look equally feminine and authoritative. Short hair doesn’t need to stop you from creating the princess look by straightening it with a flat iron! Ensure that a heat protectant is used before straightening each section individually, then divide up strands before straightening each one. Medium textured Asian hair can be styled with see-through bangs to achieve a timeless and classic appearance, ideal for all age groups and any facial structure.

Spring Look

Curling hair has become a trendy hair trend in the West. Curling products help shape waves and curls into beautiful waves and curls; you can do this yourself or with the assistance of a stylist. Many Asians are born with naturally dark hair, yet that hasn’t stopped them from coloring it to achieve striking and eye-catching effects. Blonde is especially impressive; maintaining its perfectly ashy hue requires significant maintenance. Luckily, thickening products are designed to keep dyed locks healthy and vibrant.

Beachy Bohemian Look

Asian hair typically falls somewhere between curly and wavy, yet with just a bit of effort, it can achieve gorgeous voluminous coils that will turn heads at every event. This sexy yet feminine updo adds the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble – look out for its dark brown ombre color, which extends from crown to ends, and its elegant side bangs! The Wolf Cut, made famous during the 1970s, is back with a modern update with digital perms and cool girl-approved face-framing bangs to bring warmth and complement sassy personalities alike. This look will warm up natural dark locks while accentuating any unique qualities about you and your character.

Tight Curls

Curly hair used to be seen as unattractive; however, many South Asian actors, such as Poorna Jagannathan and Taapsee Pannu, have made great strides toward embracing their natural curls with techniques and products designed for curly locks. You can create a gorgeous curly style with the proper techniques and products! Show off your girly side with this stylish beachy style for medium-length wavy or curly hair. Pair it with floral dresses to complete the look. Curly hair may be challenging to manage, so it’s crucial to understand its texture and how best to care for it. Furthermore, knowing your hair type helps you select appropriate styling solutions!