Sexy Short Hairstyles For Men 2020

Men looking to break free of their formal suit and tie attire are opting for short textured crops that exude an effortlessly cool appearance, exuding seduction. This style can be worn in various ways to fit hair textures, lengths, and types.

Combine a low taper fade with an afro for a timeless, stylish combination embodying texture.

Swap your fringe to one side or spike it up for an added edge!

Classic hair Part

Men with short hair can easily amp up their style with a classic side-part haircut. Perfect for casual to formal events alike, the class can easily be achieved using styling cream or wax applied between palms before running through hair for a textured finish.

Some styles come and go, while others remain timeless, like the pompadour.

This timeless look always looks chic while requiring minimal upkeep – the slicked-back front with shorter sides is easily adaptable for a tailored look that’s as cool as ever.

The Ivy League haircut

The Ivy League haircut is ideal for any man aiming to appear intelligent and professional. Combining elements of both the crew cut and side part styles, this look is typically styled using pomade for a sleek and stylish finish. Additionally, its distinctive fade on the sides helps draw focus to his face and draw out its features for an eye-catching appearance.