Bubble Guppies Hair Salon Picture Day

Picture Day has arrived, and all the guppies want to look their best for pictures. But Gil has long locks that need cutting. Molly offers to help him, and they all head to the hair salon for an appointment.

Getting Your Hair Cut

Cutting your hair is essential for a good appearance and confidence. Molly notices Gil’s long hair and tells him it’s Picture Day, so he needs a haircut. After some convincing, Gil agrees.

At the Salon with hair Ball

While at the salon, the guppies must stop Hair Ball, a supervillain who ruins people’s hair by dyeing it green and making it look like seaweed. Help the heroes create unique hairstyles using the salon’s options and snap a photo of their new styles!

Brushing Your Hair

Gil needs his hair brushed before Picture Day. Deema offers to help and teaches him about brushes, combs, and hair care products for different hair types.

Nonny and the Finger Puppets

Nonny is an intelligent, sensitive guppy who uses his imagination and senses to solve problems. Finger puppets featuring the Bubble Guppies characters are perfect for playtime, learning, storytelling, and bath time.

Shampooing Your Hair

Join the Bubble Guppies characters on a salon visit to have their hair washed. Afterward, help them style their locks and protect Scissor City from Hair Ball’s mischief!

Getting Your Hair Colored

On Picture Day, the Bubble Guppies want to look their best. Gil needs a haircut, but his friends think he should go to the salon alone. Hair Ball is causing chaos by cutting people’s hair and leaving seaweed-like green stripes. Help the heroes rescue their hairstyles by customizing their looks and taking a photo of the masterpiece!